Meet Spoon Deep

How do you make games better?

Without any professional game design experience, the members of Spoon Deep Gaming often promote their ideas of how to make a game, or gaming in general, better.  Look for reviews, opinions, and guides on all of your favorite gaming related content.  With years of gaming expertise, they often come up with great solutions to problems no one asked for an answer to.  Now if only the developers would listen.

“If we die in obscurity, oh well,
at least we raised some hell”

-Weezer “Back to the Shack” Everything Will Be Alright in the End

The Podcast

Spoon Deep’s premiere content is a wild and zany, and sometimes long winded podcast, where we explore current topics in gaming, and pose new solutions on how to make our favorite games even better. If you have a question for the podcast, the four of us will put our thick heads together and come up with a thrilling solution.  Send questions to:
twitter @spoondeepgaming
twitch @prettyboypb
message on Xbox Live @prettyboyplaid

Here’s a rundown of who’s who, what’s what, and what to expect from who when. What?


Jake Fredericks

Jake about to win a three way race.

Gamertag: prettyboyplaid

Twitter: @spoondeepgaming

Oh Captain, My Captain.  El Presidente.  Big Cat.  Jake is the unofficial leader of Spoon Deep Gaming and lover of all things games.  For some reason he has been known to purchase two, three, four or even five copies of the same game (I’m looking at you Ocarina of Time).  One of his biggest dreams is to travel to E3 and play any game before the rest of the world. His only regret is that with the advent of digital games he can no longer proudly display his rather large collection to friends and family.


Brian Kane

Brian taking a selfie with a mango.

Gamertag: MangosMD

Arguably the smartest member of the group, Brian brings a vast knowledge of computers that the rest of the team sorely lacks.  If only he understood how external hard drives worked so that he could download more games.  He grew up playing games on a variety of systems and currently believes that the computers are some kind of master race.  Soon they will probably take our jobs and write this website automatically.  To that end Brian single-handedly built his own computer and can probably code a program to tell you so.


Ian DePuy

Ian will never miss a roller derby match.

Gamertag: Dupie1814

All Ian wants to do is support his teammates, and win.  But mostly support and he is excellent at playing that role.  In any elimination mode Ian is the last one standing and is often calling the shots to the rest of the team.  He has been a long time gamer and will tell you that he only recently branched out into the world of social gaming thanks to the Spoon Deep family.  Ian is always first to jump into an Alpha or Beta, while the rest of the team looks back and only wishes they had signed up earlier.



Chase Thomson

Chase took this picture of sticky buns.

Gamertag: thomsonc36

Our group would not be complete without one casual gamer, and Chase fills that role in spades.  Consistently oblivious, Chase receives more phone calls per night than all the rest of the spoons combined.  Nevertheless, Chase brings a certain charm to the group that the other members seem to lack and his genuine love of video games and community is infectious.  We all know that if Chase likes a game then the game has far reaching appeal, and we also know that if Chase is the top performer on the team everyone better watch out.


NOTE: Spoon Deep began as a pudding reviewing podcast.  After realizing that chocolate was clearly the best flavor, they branched out to their other love: video games.


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