More Favorite Games: Part 1

After almost a month of in depth analysis from all of my favorite games you might feel an empty place in your heart knowing that the series is over.  Well I can at least placate your reading palate for another day as I also have a huge list of games that I enjoyed but not enough to include on the my list of favorites of all time.  I know that many of you may be ashamed to call me a friend since I listed games like Whacked and Mario Party 8 above some of these classics, but I love those games.  Maybe you thought in the back of your head that I haven’t played very many games so I had a limited pool to choose from.  Well let me tell you, I have played a lot of games.  I remember some of my high school friends predicting that when they were older they would not play as many video games, I remember being ashamed to call them friends.  Good thing I met a bunch of man-children like Brian, Ian, and Chase.  But when will we do another podcast?  But I digress.

I know what you are thinking, Part 1?  How many parts are there going to be?  There will be two parts, maybe three, but no more than four.  I haven’t played that many games! I actually have a list on my phone that contains games that I have deemed “good”  I don’t know why I have this list, but it currently stands at 134 games.  I need to update it, there have been some good games lately!  This list is in no order.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
I have played this game exactly three times in my life.  Once on the original Xbox, once on a MacBook, and again when the game was released for Xbox One as backward compatibility.  The combat in this game is really bad and hard to understand, but I love swinging lightsabers around and the sounds are fantastic.  The best part about this game is that the environments are actually small enough to explore everything and not feel bored while playing.

Ninja Gaiden Black
I have never beaten this game.  I actually never beat the first boss until just a few days ago.  But this game captured my imagination when it was first released.  I really like ninjas, and the game’s flow is so smooth and the combat is so challenging.  This was Dark Souls before there was Demon’s Souls.


Dark Souls 3
This is actually the only Dark Souls game that I have played.  And I actually beat it!  It was fun, it was stressful, I do not think that I want to play any other games like it.  I actually tried to play Bloodborne and could not get into it.  But I do really want to play Ni-Oh and I am looking forward to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

I enjoyed Limbo because I really like the art style and platforming games, but I was not ready for Inside.  This game truly is a masterpiece.  The art style improves upon Limbo’s and the puzzle are truly challenging!  But I did not look any up.  I am still thinking about the ending and I constantly think about playing the game again.

Fire Emblem Fates
I actually do not like the Fire Emblem series, despite playing all of the GBA games multiple times.  They are just too difficult and I have a hard time with the randomness of leveling up and critical hits.  But when Fates came out I decided to give the game another chance and I played on the lowest difficulty setting.  Finally I did not have to worry about my character’s permanents deaths.  And they had a dating simulator which was the best part of the game.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
I feel like this game is divisive.  Everyone says they love it, but everyone also says that it takes a good three to ten hours to really get into it and start enjoying the game.  To me that is a just a red flag for poor game design.  The story is fine, the world is fantastic.  But I can not get over how bad the combat is and even riding around on the horse is bad.  For all of these transgressions, the side quests are totally worth playing the game, because killing a mythical beast feels so rights.  Oh and Gwent may be the best card game ever.

The Elder Scrolls Online
I have completed the main story of this game twice.  I played in the Beta when it launched at 4 in the morning.  I even subscribed to the game for the first six months of the game’s existence.  Then I did it all again when it released on the Xbox One.  I waited around for about four hours trying to get a Werewolf bite with Chase and I have not even done any of the dungeons.  I played this game as a single player Elder Scrolls game and I think I might play it again.

Super Metroid
Another game that I have completed multiple times.  I have tried speedrunning this game.  I have done 100% runs on the Super Nintendo, the Wii Virtual Console, the Wii U Virtual Console, the 3DS Virtual Console, and the Super Nintendo Classic.  Wow I have played this game a lot.  To be fair the game can be completed in less than two hours.  I usually beat it in a couple sittings and before I know it, I beat it again.

I do not like real time strategy games, but growing an army of pikmin and flinging them at big enemies is one of the best feelings in the world.  I love the colors of this game and the top down camera angle works so well.  Later games tried to add too much, which complicated the simple mechanics.  This is a classic game that still holds up really well to this day.  I would be happy to play a remaster on the Switch.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
I could not forget the game that started it all.  This is the game that really defined the Bethesda genre of western role playing games for me.  I bought the collectors edition and I still have the coin that came with it.  I used it to scratch off gift cards for a while.  I ultimately love the post apocalyptic worlds more than the fantasy worlds, but this game kept me engaged for months.  For some reason I used the Xbox 360’s custom soundtrack feature a lot with this game and spent most of the time listening to AFI’s Decemberunderground.  That was a weird time for me.

Tomorrow ten more games.  I can’t wait!  See you then.

Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks


One thought on “More Favorite Games: Part 1

  1. Awesome list 😀 Oblivion was also my Bethesda awakening and I have loved every game since. I would happily play them all again…. though I’m not sure there are enough hours for that!

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