WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! (2003) by Nintendo

I told you that there would be another game in this series that had an exclamation point in the official title.  This game also has a dollar sign as a part of the official box art, but it is debated as to whether the dollar sign is an official part of the title.  Because I like weird things I stylize the title as WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! and I hope that I don’t have to type it too many more times throughout this article.  I like to think most people have hard of the WarioWare series in some way, but I think that these titles are often overlooked when thinking of the best games of all time.  This is a series that is all about having fun, the central design core seems to be to create an experience that is surprising, challenging, and ultimately fun.
I love minigame collections because they allow creators to experiment with new styles of play.  Creators are able to implement lots of different ideas in the same package and see which ones work the best and which ones do not work so well without the fear of spending valuable time and resources only to find out that an idea does not work.  This is a game that includes a game where the player searches a back alley for stray cats with a flashlight.  This is not a puzzle game with intricate mechanics, this is a reaction game that tests your timing and pattern recognition skills.

I used to think that the bigger a game’s open world the better the game would be.  But for me exploring a wide open world is lonely.  I liked the huge open world of Final Fantasy XI, but I only explored the major cities where the other players congregated.  I did not want to explore a huge forest by myself.  I like The Legend of Zelda games because the world is never too large (although the Breath of the Wild is almost too big).  Games like The Witcher III are incredible but my time is mostly spent traveling from one main quest location to the next.  I want to spend my time playing the game rather than traveling through a open and often empty world.  WarioWare does not suffer from this issue, there is no world to explore and the only traveling involves moving the cursor to select the next selection of mini game that you would like to play.

This series was also released on the Wii in what would be my second favorite mini game compilation.  The multiplayer aspect of playing simple games that revolve around reaction time, humor, and movement made the Wii version a blast to play with friends.  Sometimes I wish I could go back to the Wii era and just play video games with my friends because the games were fun and simple.  I found my Game Boy Micro a month or two ago and the game that I found inside was none other than WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!, I turned it on and started playing.  I did not need to play long before I felt the games hooks dig into me, I wanted another high score.  My girlfriend noticed that I was playing something new and asked what I was doing.  To my surprise, when she saw the game she asked if she could try.  The game does not require years of gaming experience or knowledge of complex control schemes, you just pick it up and play.  You usually only need the A button.  This is a series built on simplicity and fun, and in doing so created a truly unique experience that is easy to keep coming back to.

Tomorrow we move forward and look at Lumines for the PSP!

Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks

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