Mega Man X (1994) by Capcom

It is a Saturday! And you get a Spoon Deep post!  Yes, everything is right with the world.  We have just started looking at some of my favorite game experiences of all time and I wanted to keep the momentum rolling.  I will be posting articles every day for 27 days!  Let’s do it!  It is extremely difficult to determine my favorite games of all time, and I hesitate to even put a list together.  But I have really tried to focus on games that I have played over and over again throughout the years and will hopefully continue to play as the years go on.  This is especially true of Capcom’s Mega Man X.

Before even discussing the pixel perfect gameplay, I need to start with the incredible chip tune music.  I loved the original Mega Man games on the NES, especially the sixth entry in the series.  The music for Flame Man is forever engrained in my mind.  However, nothing comes close to the soundtrack included in Mega Man X.  Storm Eagle’s music is incredible.  There are a few covers on YouTube that still elicit the kind of super hype levels that the stage creates.  Armored Armadillo is another great stage.  If you have ever played this game then you probably have your own favorite stage music. I should try to download the soundtrack and put it on my phone so I can listen to it all times.

Besides the music, the gameplay was so much fun.  I used to consider Mega Man X my favorite game of all time.  I try not to rank games anymore, but this game still retains it’s place among my favorites of all time.  I was so glad that the game was included on the Super NES Classic.  It is so easy to jump in and run through the eight Maverick stages.  The difficult curve on this game is so much smoother than the main line Mega Man games.  I’ll be honest, I am not a good Mega Man player.  I have beaten most of them, but mainly thanks to the Virtual Console’s save state ability.  I can get through some of the stages easily enough but the bosses are too difficult for me.

Mega Man X solves a lot of the difficult problems, especially with the introduction of collectibles.  I really enjoy the ability to return to a stage after completing it and hunting for a heart piece, energy tank, or upgrade capsule.  Chill Penguin is the default first stage because you can obtain the slide power up, which is necessary for smooth movements throughout the rest of the game.  I really do not enjoy the Sigma stages and often stop my playthroughs after the eight bosses.  I am happy to just play through those eight stages again.

I would be remise if I did not mention the hidden upgrade that allows X to perform the Hadouken from the Street Fighter series.  This upgrade allows X to one hit knock out any boss as long as he has full health.  The amount of flexibility that this game offers makes it so much fun to replay.  I actually own quite a few copies of this game.  Something that Brian will pick on me for, but it is nice to own the original SNES cartridge, the X collection for the GameCube, the Virtual Console version for the Wii U, and I will probably pick up the X collection for the Nintendo Switch.  Speedruns are also extremely entertaining for this game and I always look forward to it as a part of AGDQ and SGDQ.

Tomorrow we will continue to explore classic games with a look at Super Mario 64.

See you then,

Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks

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