Trade Evolutions in Pokemon Crystal

I started playing Pokemon Crystal yesterday.  I really wanted to use some new and different Pokemon in order to make the experience unique and different.  I have the New Nintendo 3DS version from the Virtual Console and everything is fantastic.  I am remembering the sounds of the first few areas and getting past the first few trainers and I am just about to start the first gym battle.  Then I remembered, I hate trade evolutions in Pokemon games.

I have been trying to plan out my team from the beginning so that my time is optimized.  I looked over at the Johto Pokedex and remember some of the great first generation monsters and some of the even better second generation additions.  Then I think of all the new trade evolutions that were added to this generation.

Steelix is one of my favorite Pokemon and you can only get him if you trade an Onix that is holding a Metal Coat.  Metal Coats are hard to come by in Pokemon Crystal, you might only get one during an entire playthrough.  If you decide that you want a Steelix then you can’t get a Scizor, a new trade evolution from Scyther that also requires a Metal Coat.

This was the generation that introduced the Steel-type and it restricts access to some of the best represented version of the type.  I would enjoy using both of those Pokemon, but with the Virtual Console I can only trade if another person is in the room with me.  I don’t have that many friends!

Forget about the first generation pokemon that require trades to evolve, Gengar, Machamp, Golem, and Alakazam.  We have also added Porygon 2, Slowking, Politoed, and Kingdra all require more held items in order to evolve while traded.

Not just evolve while leveling up with a held item, but evolve when traded holding an item.

Trading is important to Pokemon as a social experience, but I remember just getting two Game Boys in order to complete my Pokedex.  For me buying a second Game Boy was easier than finding another friend.  I guess that says more about me than the Pokemon games.

I am still trying to decide which Pokemon I will use in my party.  In the meantime if you are ever in the area I will be happy to trade with you.

Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks

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