The 5 Best Deals From the Xbox Spring Sale

Spring is finally upon us.  Although where I am living we currently have quite a bit of snow still covering the ground.  Sounds like the perfect excuse to stay inside and play some video games.  Microsoft must have had the same idea because today is the start of the Xbox Live Spring Sale.  Microsoft has done a great job lately of putting together seasonal sales for their online store and the spring sale looks like it could be one of the best ones yet.  Unfortunately the best deal in gaming is currently the Xbox Game Pass which I am currently subscribing to, so I will not be buying any games during this sale.  Although I do own a vast majority of the following games.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition – USD 7.50
The perfect primer for the new action movie Tomb Raider currently in theatres.  I do not get paid to write these I swear.  The game is fun, short, and combines a lot of different genres in order to create something that rivals the Uncharted series.  Start with this game and then move to Rise of the Tomb Raider.

State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition – USD 7.50
Everyone likes zombie games, except Chase apparently.  This game encourages you to embody a random survivor, build their skills, create a foothold in a small town, and defend a group of humans from an ever increasing horde of zombie enemies.

Ryse: Legendary Edition – USD 7.50
The pinnacle Xbox One launch game.  Ryse has still refused to come to the Games with Gold program.  I beat this game twice because the combat was so much fun, there are even some collectibles to find.  I love a good gory finisher and Ryse is full of action sequences, in a semi historical take on gladiators and ancient Rome.  Where is the sequel?

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – USD 7.50
Augmented humans become dangerous enemies to the human race as you try to investigate a way to stop the evolving conflict.  A first person action-shooter-RPG-stealth game, you always have another option when traveling to your next objective.  The game is semi open world and gives you lots of reasons to explore. I really enjoyed breaking into people’s houses and stealing items from their safe and reading their personal emails, but that is just me.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – USD 10.00
One of the largest Metal Gear games yet, Hideo Kojima has created a masterpiece within The Phantom Pain.  Don’t bother with Ground Zeroes, you really only need the base game here in order to get the story telling experience – full of unique and scantily clad characters, action packed stealth, and base building galore.  And don’t forget Diamond Dog, your trusty canine companion.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Standard Recruit Edition – USD 9.90
Bonus number 6.  I could not resist recommending Mass Effect Andromeda.  Sure it is the weakest Mass Effect game in the series (only because the other games in the series are modern classics), but after a year of patches the game runs a lot smoother and no longer has some of the graphical inconsistencies that it did on release.  I realize that might be a negative, but the gun play is still fun and the powers are unique and creative.  The cast of supporting characters are enjoyable and the worlds are fun to explore, especially with that cool all terrain vehicle.


Also I was just kidding earlier, I own all of these games.  They are good, I paid full price for most of them.  Take advantage of the Spring Sale!

Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks

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