My Favorite GameCube Games

The GameCube is my favorite console of all time, hands down.  I love the GameCube.  I received the GameCube as a gift for Christmas in 2001.  My mother stayed in line at our local Walmart when it was first released.  She got me the purple one, I should thank her for doing that for me every time I see her.  The controller still has one of my favorite layouts of all time and the GameCube even had a Game Boy adapter that let you play portable games on a television.  I had a really hard time choosing my top three games for the GameCube, and I could probably list nine games that had a huge impact on my gaming philosophy.  Maybe you will get another GameCube article soon, for now here are my top three favorite games.


Resident Evil (2002)
A Capcom game on my list of favorite GameCube games?  For a console that was filled with fantastic Nintendo games, third party developers like Capcom created numerous GameCube exclusives for the system.  Capcom was especially diligent at creating exclusives for the system and I am sure that many of them sold horribly.  The Resident Evil remake was my first experience with Resident Evil and I fell in love.  I was terrified, but also in love.  The atmosphere in the game stands out as one of the best environments in gaming.  I really enjoy the static camera angles and the tank controls.  This series is all about creating stress on the player by taking away some of the control.  You do not have an unlimited inventory, healing items and ammunition are scarce, movement is challenging, puzzles are plentiful, and enemies can often out maneuver the character and even come back to life after being defeated.  I have replayed this game numerous times, the mansion gives me a Super Metroid vibe with all of the backtracking, puzzle solving, and item management.  I also enjoy the Remastered version for the Xbox One & PS4, maybe they will release it for the Switch!



Pikmin (2001)
I don’t remember this game releasing within the first two months of the GameCube’s life cycle.  I didn’t actually play Pikmin until just before Pikmin 2 came out, when I picked up the game from a used bin at a local GameStop.  Even then I did not like the game and put it down for a few years.  Before Pikmin 3 came out for the Wii U I decided that it was finally time to complete Pikmin.  I loved the world, I loved the strategy, I loved the music, I loved the art design.  Pikmin actually holds up well in today’s age of game design.  The levels are well designed, the difficulty is well managed, and the gameplay is top notch.  Pikmin was something new, which initially turned me off towards playing it – I wanted another action game.  But controlling an army of Pikmin like a real time strategy game, forming your army of plant creatures and exploring a hostile world had the special charm that continues to set the franchise apart from any other game.  Pikmin is such a classic Nintendo franchise, the characters are cute, the storyline is slim, and the gameplay is fantastic.  And of course I bought the Pikmin amiibo.



Metroid Prime (2002)
First person shooters were uncharted territory for me in the early 2000s.  I did not play a lot of PC games like Doom or Quake, I had mostly stuck to Nintendo platformers and Pokémon games.  I had never even played Super Metroid, but Metroid Prime had so much hype that I had to try it.  The first thing that I remember about Metroid Prime was the way the game controlled, it just felt so good.  The game seemed built around the GameCube controller, the big green A button felt so right during movement and action sequences.   The player did not have to worry about the slopping aiming controls that console shooters were known for.  The developers decided to use a lock on mechanic that made it easy to battle with the numerous enemies.  The world felt enormous, with countless nooks and crannies all stuffed to the brim with hidden items.  My first run through of the game ended up being 100% because I could not put the game down.  The sense of progression stuck with me throughout the journey, I remember the first time I returned to the starting area after acquiring multiple suit and power upgrades.  I felt like I was playing a different game.  I owe Metroid Prime another play through, and I own the trilogy on the Wii U and I can not wait to use motion controls to experience one of my favorite games in a new way.  Plus we have Metroid Prime 4 on the Switch coming soon.

Nothing compares to the GameCube.  And I did not even talk about Super Smash Bros. Melee, which I played throughout my college years and after.  I loved Luigi’s Mansion as well and tried to speed run the game a few short days.  Custom Robo was the sleeper hit of the system, battling and collecting robot parts in order to battle in a virtual world was something only Nintendo could create and it was great.  I’ve actually replayed that game a few times.

I’m just getting back from a long weekend of travel so I missed a post for Monday.  Sorry. Our schedule might change a bit this week because of the surprise Nintendo Direct last week!  (Smash Bros! YESSS).  But look for some more great posts tomorrow and more favorite games from my gaming history on the horizon.  Also I know Brian, Ian, and Chase are dying to play games with me, sorry I’ve been MIA.  I also bought Bayonetta 2 and I am liking it okay.

What was your favorite GameCube game? At least tell me you remember this advertisement for the wavebird!


Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks

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