My Favorite NES Games

The first video game console that I ever played was the Nintendo Entertain System.  I was born at the perfect time for video gaming.  I didn’t start playing the NES until I was five or six years old.  At that point the Super Nintendo had already been released, so the NES had a vast library of excellent games for me to choose from.  As you will see as I continue my favorite games articles for all of the consoles that I have owned, I am a big Nintendo fanboy.  Because of my early exposure to classic gameplay, I never grew tired of playing Nintendo games and many of them make up my favorite games of all time lists.  For the rest of the week you will be treated to my top three favorite games from the NES (today), SNES (Tuesday), N64 (Wednesday), Game Boy (Thursday), and Game Boy Advance (Friday).  Next week we will move into the more current generation starting with my favorite console of all time, the GameCube!


Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)
Mario games all hold a special place in my heart.  I have played the vast majority of them on many different consoles.  Super Mario Bros. 3 has been ported so many times I can’t tell if it actually is a NES game or not.  I primarily played this game on the SNES as a part of the Super Mario All-Stars collection.  Super Mario Bros. 2 held some sway over my time, but I kept coming back for more Super Mario Bros 3.  I was never very good at this game, but I remember playing World 1 and 2 over and over again. Eventually I learned where all of the secrets were and started skipping worlds.  The Land of Giants in World 4 contains some of my favorite levels in all of video games.



StarTropics (1990)
Ever time I go into a retro video game store I ask if they have a copy of StarTropics.  Unfortunately I have not found one yet.  When I was younger my parents sold the NES during a garage sale and I lost all of the games that I had enjoyed.  StarTropics remained my forgotten favorite until a few years ago when I stumbled across a YouTube video of the most underrated NES games.  I instantly recognized StarTropics and become deeply saddened that I had never been able to finish the game as a child.  When the game was later released as a part of the Wii Virtual Console I scooped it up and bathed in all of its glory.  I love the movement through the dungeons, hopping from block to block solving puzzles, whilst smacking enemies with a Yo-Yo remains one of my favorite video game moments.



Mega Man 6 (1993)
The Virtual Console on the Wii and 3DS really allowed me to rediscover some of my favorite games of all time.  When thinking about the NES Mega Man games I could never recall which game was my favorite… until I played Mega Man 6.  I love the slide move, so Mega Man 1 & 2 are out.  I also adore the Charge Buster, so Mega Man 3 is out.  It is a tough call between Mega Man 4, 5, and 6, but the varied music in Mega Man 6 sold the day for me.  Each Robot Master has a very unique feel to the stage, the mechanics, and the boss battle itself.  The bosses are supposed to represent the different regions of the world through a kind of World Tournament gone astray.  I especially enjoy the balance of difficulty in this Mega Man game (it is a little bit easier than some of the older ones) and I often play through some of my favorite stages through the Virtual Console on my 3DS.

What were some of your favorite NES games?

Check back tomorrow for my favorite SNES games!

Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks

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