What are you playing Wednesday?

Happy Wednesday everyone out there! It is finally the middle of the week, which means we are one day closer to the weekend.  But the weekend is not the only time to play games… NO.  Everyday is a great day to play games.  In fact, a game a day keeps the doctor away! Especially if you combine said gaming with exercise and proper nutrition and napping, lots of napping.  I’ve been having a hard time sticking between just one game lately.  I am waiting for that next big thing to really catch my interest.  Good thing I have a massive back log to keep me busy in the interim.

Dragon Ball FighterZ has been my go to for the last couple of days.  However, last night when I tried to play some matches the servers were down.  After some research I found that they are applying a new title update that will fix some of the online issues!  So I will have to check that out when the servers return.  Also, my list from yesterday… totally changed today. I went through and completed a lot of the Combo Challenges with the characters in order to get a taste for their movements and moves. Cell, Captain Ginyu, and Goku are no longer my favorites.  Frieza has become my champion, I can pull off most of his moves with easy and I love his speed around the battlefield.  Combine him with Hit, whom also maintains awesome speed and great teleports around the enemies in order to keep them guessing.  Finally I have started to adopt Trunks (Super Saiyan) as my third character.  There are just so many good characters that I can’t choose just one (good thing this is a three versus three fighting game!).


Brian also continuously recommends The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, so I started the expansion Hearts of Stone this week.  I really think that the only reason that I ever played the game was for Gwent.  I also really enjoyed the Witcher contracts.  The main story is just not the reason why I want to dive into this game.  I love being a part of the world that CD Projekt Red has created, playing Gwent, getting haircuts, slaying monsters.  Perhaps Hearts of Stone was the wrong expansion to pick.  It just seems like the whole thing is about this new story, which seems interesting, but I really hate sitting through all the dialogue.  So much talking.  I agree with Brian that the combat is really bad.  But I just want to walk around.  Forcing me into these long cinematics is so passive and bores me.

My eyes have also wandered towards Bravely Second.  I will be traveling this weekend so I am looking forward to playing a lot of that on the road.  I have also thought about picking up Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.  But please tell me now if it has long and crazy cutscenes.  I probably won’t start playing Metal Gear Solid V, my body is just not ready for it.  I also have Dark Souls II on tap, but I need to look up some good builds first.  Streamers have been playing Yakuza 0 and that game looks like a fantastic world to explore and be a part of.  The day will soon come when a PlayStation 4 enters my life.  Also just put all these games on the Switch!

What are you playing?  What should I play? Leave a comment below!

Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks


3 thoughts on “What are you playing Wednesday?

  1. If story based games aren’t your thing you probably shouldn’t buy Metal Solid V or even start Bravely Second. Both are story based games with a ton of cutscenes. I recommend you stop playing The Witcher 3 too because the dialogue never stops. That’s the highest point of the game is the story.

    The beauty of Dark Souls II is you can work with any build. I had a dual wield mage that used two staffs. One for hexes and one for sorceries. You can tank with a sword & shield or go in with a two hander. Go with whatever is comfortable for you. Looking builds can be bad because you might find one that’s not for you.

    I don’t see myself doing much gaming on my PC until my new chair gets here so I’ll probably be playing Dragon Quest Builder (I’m not too crazy about that game) or Ever Oasis on my 3DS (another one I’m not too crazy about).

    1. Thank you! I completely agree with you. I enjoy the story of the Witcher III, but I just find myself often wishing that I was actually playing the game. I think that is why I enjoy fighting games so much, because they are solely about the gameplay. And Dark Souls has become a new favorite as it is also only about the gameplay. I really enjoy Pokemon because of the pacing and the turn based battles and strategy, which also applies to Bravely Second (and Default) which I do enjoy because the gameplay is great and I can just read the text really quickly and move on to more battling.

      What kind of chair are you getting for your PC?

      1. I suggest you just focus on what you love and try not to force yourself into a game that’s not for you. Not every game is for every person :). I feel the way you do about puzzle games. I hate them and don’t bother with them. Puzzle games and the new Battle Royal craze isn’t my thing.

        And I’m getting this chair – https://www.ebay.com/itm/Office-Racing-Gaming-Chair-Ergonomic-Highback-Bucket-Seat-Computer-Desk-Footrest/222825660171?hash=item33e171bf0b:m:mp8rDepdYRrmiQDNJIzTrTA

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