My Favorite Characters from Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ has stolen my attention lately.  Which is great because there are a lot of people playing the game.  I only know this because I have actually won a fair number of matches online.  I have only played Casual Matches so far, which only ranks on connection and not player skill, but I feel like there is a good mix of players out there.  I have had my fair share of outmatched defeats, but I try to learn from every match and continue to work on my combos.  I have settled into a fairly decent rotation of characters and worked through some great combos against my opponents.  Here are my favorite characters so far.


Goku (Super Saiyan)
Of course Goku is on my list of favorite Dragon Ball characters.  He is a great beginner friendly character with fantastic movement speed and reach.  His Kamehameha attack is rather straight forward and can be used to create some space between you and your opponent.  He also uses the beam when called on for an assist move, so he is rather valuable on any team.  I haven’t tried Goku (SSGSS) yet, so I can not compare anything to him.



Apparently the Cell Saga is the best Dragon Ball Z season, but I wouldn’t know because I stopped watching after Goku defeated Frieza…. big mistake on my part!  I am surprised at how much I enjoy playing as Cell.  He moves a little bit slower, but hits a little bit harder than Goku.  His attacks feel weighty and to make up for his mobility, he has some great teleport moves that bring him right behind the enemy.  I don’t like his special attacks as much as Goku because they all move at an angle away from Cell, but his assist move has served me well.



Captain Ginyu
There are a lot of great characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ and I will spend a lot more time playing with all of them. But for right now I have really been enjoying Captain Ginyu.  He has average movement and attack combos, but he really shines in the neutral game.  His special attack summons the other members of the Ginyu force to attack your opponent.  For this reason, he plays very differently than most of the other characters as you try to play keep away and send your allies to do the work for you.

Overall I have found this team to be effective at casual play.  Goku does a great job at putting up good damage and getting good openers.  Cell is my primary finisher because he has a great Meteor attack that doesn’t require much positioning.  Captain Ginyu is great for throwing an opponent off because his play style is so unique.

Which characters are your favorite? and which characters do you wish would come as DLC?

Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks

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