The Best Jobs from Bravely Default

I just started playing Bravely Second on the Nintendo 3DS last night.  I am only an hour into the game and I can feel it’s hooks digging into me.  I need more, I need to find out what happens next, and I need to unlock some cool classes.  Bravely Default had one of the greatest job systems of all time.  The game allowed you to switch between jobs at will, but still allowed you to use certain moves from jobs that you had previously leveled up.  This allowed for some great super combos, which were especially needed during the late game boss rush.  But what were the best jobs from Bravely Default?

Dark Knight

One of my favorite classes, the Dark Knight packs quite a punch and is worth the late game grind.  The signature move is Minus Strike, which does damage equal to the users maximum health minus their current health.  Use a move like Dark Bane to damage all of the enemies and lower the your health.  Use other abilities to increase the Dark Knight’s overall health and then unleash Minus Strike.  If the character dies, See You In Hell will activate dealing massive damage to all enemies.  Then just reraise and repeat.


With great lore and an eye patch, Pirates are always a personal favorite.  They pack a mean wallop and look great wielding a massive axe.  Their signature move is Amped Strike, which deals four times damage to the enemy, at the cost of insane amounts of MP.  However, you can combine this with the Swordmaster’s Free Lunch to get a couple of MP free moves off.  This way the Pirate can keep swinging and you can keep dealing damage.  The Pirate also has a solid health pool and the ability to Provoke enemies, keeping them away from some of your support characters.


The singing sensation allows you to really game the system.  The Performer has the best move in the entire game, My Hero.  It takes some serious grinding in order to unlock this beauty, but once you do the way you play Bravely Default will change forever.  My Hero gives everyone on your team an extra BP.  BP is the Battle Points used to take actions during your turn.  You can Brave to expend BP up to four times during a battle, but you will then have to wait four turns in order to replenish your stack.  The usually strategy is to Default for four turns, will you build up extra BP and then unleash them all at once.  The Performer provides the party with an endless supply of Battle Points and allows you to cast as many Minus Strikes an d Amped Strikes as you want.  You can even combine the move with a Freelancer’s Mimic for even more free BP.


Have you played Bravely Default?  The game truly is stellar, but I am hoping that the sequel lives up to the predecessors glory.

Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks

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