3 Best Monster Hunter: World Monsters

There are a lot of mons to hunt in Monster Hunter: World.  Somehow I have spent over 20 hours in the game and I don’t know where the time went.  I’ve slain, captured, and ran from a lot of different monsters, and a few have stood out as the most fun to hunt.  At this point, I am at the end game high level hunts, which just tasks the player with hunting other monsters over and over again for the chance to fight a few new monsters.  I know that the end game Elder Dragons will be cool to fight, but for now these monsters are pretty cool.


Poison might be a very annoying effect to deal with, but the Pukei-Pukei is a blast to fight.  First, the monster design is just fun to look at.  He is a big bird with a funky gobbler under his chin and lots of fun colors.  Perhaps, the colors mean that he is poisonous and is meant to scare away other predators.  If you get a chance, pause briefly and look into his eyes, they are just big and wonderfully curious.  Pukei-Pukei constantly looks like he is lost in the wilderness, good thing we have found him.  His attacks are well telegraphed and he doesn’t fly around the battlefield out of reach of conventional weapon swings.  Pukei-Pukei just hops around and sometimes spits some nasty poison juice at you.  Cut his tail off and then bring him down.



Everyone loves a good tyrannosaurus rex. and Anjanath has become the poster child for my Monster Hunter: World experience.  You encounter him early in the game in the Ancient Forest and he remains a fierce adversary even in the late game.  Anjanath looks like a dinosaur should and roams his little kingdom with an iron jaw.  Until Rathion comes to mess his day up.  The fire attacks can be a little bothersome, but they are also well telegraphed and simple to dodge if you are paying attention.  It is much more difficult to hit his head from the ground, so the fight is usually focused around his tail.  However, I really enjoy climbing all over the beast and bringing him down with a couple of well executed face stabs.  The armor that he creates is nothing special, but I am always happy to chase down a loose t-rex.



If you haven’t figured it out, I really dislike the flying monsters.  Radobaan stays firmly on the ground for the entirety of your fight with him.  He is covered in countless spikes meant to protect him, but in actuality that are just used to make him look cool.  The fight is really enjoyable because as you attack him the spikes start falling off and by the end of the fight the monster looks much different than when you began.  You get a great sense of progress throughout the fight, which makes everyone happy.  His main mechanic involves curling into a ball and rolling at you.  He usually proceeds to roll back to where he started, so a good strategy involves standing still and letting him roll around the battlefield until he tires out, then whack him.  Radobaan also has some of the coolest Palico armor in the game, he is well worth the farm.

Which monster is your favorite?  I really enjoy the big ones that stay on the ground.  Diablos is okay, but has some more annoying mechanics.  And the little velociraptor looking ones are too small to satisfy my hunting urges.

Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks

5 thoughts on “3 Best Monster Hunter: World Monsters

  1. I like Pukei-Pukei too! It looks like a chameleon to me. Usually I hate poison type monsters but this one is pretty fun to hunt. My first complete armor set was the Pukei-Pukei one and that was cute too. As for my favorite monster, I don’t think I’ve hunted enough to be able to decide. Great post!

      1. Another memorable monster is the Qurupeco from MH 3 which was the first MH game I played. That guy was definitely a character.

      2. World is definitely a lot easier to get into and it’s my favorite out of the ones I’ve played. MH3 was my first and I almost gave up because it was so hard! The dual blades helped me get into it since they were still fast weapons and my friend had to coach me too haha. They made a lot of improvements and got rid of some annoying things like having to stop to use a potion and then striking a pose afterwards. The scoutflies are helpful although I still get lost following them because I have no sense of direction haha. I just reached high rank today and I don’t see myself being able to stop playing anytime soon.

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