Top Three Generation 1 Pokemon

I hold true the belief that everyone has a favorite Pokémon.  And I take it upon myself not to trust anyone who can’t name a single Pokémon, there just must be something wrong with them.  It is okay if your favorite Pokémon is Pikachu, but I am here to tell you the three best Pokémon from the Red/Blue generation.  I have based this list on move sets, cool factors, and evolutionary lines.  Also, I just picked my three favorite ones, I don’t need a rubric for everything do I?



Pokémon with unique characteristics will rank well on my list because I like uniqueness.  Abra is unique because it only learns Teleport.  You will catch an Abra on Route 24 above Cerulean City, and everyone tries to catch an Abra.  I remember the first time I encountered one, I would try my usual strategy of paralyzing it or putting it to sleep and then throwing Poke Balls.  Except Abra would always teleport away.  In order to catch this elusive magician, you had to throw a Poke Ball as soon as you encountered him and hope that it worked.  Usually it wouldn’t and you would just have to start the process all over again.

But what is the point of having a weak Pokémon that could only learn Teleport?

He evolves into Kadabra, who learns Confusion at level 16.  Sure raising an Abra is difficult, but the pay off is well worth it.  You don’t even need an Alakazam, even though you should get an Alakazam, he is awesome!




The sounds that this Pokémon makes are almost worth the price of entry!  DEW GONG, GONG, GONG, GONG! This Pokémon is very underrated, but as an Ice-Type you will want him on your team.  He is one of the few Pokémon that learns Ice Beam naturally, at level 56.  Ice Beam is one of my favorite moves in the entire game.  I am guilty of not using Dewgong, but I always catch one and then wonder why I didn’t save space for it.  Somehow I always get suckered into buying that Magikarp before Mt. Moon and then I have Gyarados. But Dewgong can battle with Gyarados and probably win, plus Dewgong has a lot of health.  So you can use more Ice Beam.  Ice Beam is the best move in the game.




Nobody uses Onix. But I use Onix. I love Onix.  Even though Brock let his Onix become defeated by Ash’s Pikachu early on in the Pokémon series, a real Onix would never lose to an electric Pokémon.  Onix is a Ground-Type and therefore immune to Electric-type attacks.  You might say that Onix doesn’t learn any good moves and you would be correct.  Except that you are wrong!  Onix can be taught Earthquake, which is one of the best moves in the game.  You just need to be patient because you do not receive TM 26 until you get to Silph Co.  But once you get Earthquake, you don’t need any other moves!

Onix has great defense, and is just the coolest looking Pokémon.  Plus starting in Generation 2, Onix evolves into Steelix.  And Steelix is way cooler than Onix.


There is my list.  I like a lot of other Pokémon in Generation 1, and I really don’t like Onix that much, but I still included him on my list.  Oh my god, I forgot Mr. Mime, stop the press.  Mr. Mime is my favorite.  Full Stop.  Done.  See you next time.

Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks

13 thoughts on “Top Three Generation 1 Pokemon

  1. I’m a simple man. When I see a Pokemon post I click on it :). And I love your three choices even though they’re different than mine.

    1. Ivysaur (yes, Ivysaur)
    2. Gengar
    3. Arcanine

    Arcanine is too adorable to leave off any best of list lol. I love Gengar for his dark lore and he wrecks everything (except Alakazam) and Ivysaur is my favorite Pokemon of all time. I love me some salad.

    Mr. Mime is… creepy as hell to me. And I have to mention Paras as one of my favs because he literally dies when he evolves into Parasect. Poor guy 😦

      1. I like Alakazam’s mega form, but I’ll admit that he’s one of my least favorite psychic Pokemon :). I remember Sabrina beating the crap out of me with Alakazam when I was a kid in Pokemon Red.

  2. Porygon – it sounds silly, but get it high enough level and it has some unblockable attacks (in the original games at least). Not to mention, it’s the first synthetic Pokemon, made out of programming code, which is kind of cool. Porygon all the way 🙂

  3. I had a harder time with this than I’d anticipated, but I’ve got it down to these.


    Pidgeot because he carried me through Pokemon Gold, which is the only Pokemon game I’ve ever really sunk any large amount of time into. I caught him as a level 2 Pidgey on Route 29 and he went on to see level 81 as a glorious Pidgeot. Ninetails because she’s beautiful and elegant but also wrecks face. Machamp because he was my favorite card as a kid and, since I didn’t have any friends who played Pokemon to trade with to evolve my Machoke, was my only access to him.

    Special shoutout to my favorite legendary, Mew, and the opposite of a shoutout to Mr. Mime, who is… creepy as hell.

    1. You could write a whole article just on those three Pokemon! I’m surprised you did not include Gengar, when I wrote this I thought that Brian would probably put Gengar right there at the top. Just wait for Pokemon Switch, when we will trade Machoke’s all day!

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