Monster Hunter: World Journal Day One

I entered the world only to find my former team enthralled with a monster hunt, so I ventured out on my own.  Because sometimes you just need to venture out on your own.  I’ve always said “There are always two ways to get where you are going” and so off I went.  I stopped by the Handler to receive my orders.  It turns out that Zorah Magdaros was on the chopping block, or rather the capture block.  But then the Handler asked me a question beyond comprehension… Why did you come to the New World? She assumed I was on the run from some Melynx assassins, but I knew better.   Or did I?

Of course I had to stop by my favorite chef for a special treat fit for a king.  I recorded the Canteen’s cooking animation, but I still don’t know how to upload things to YouTube so if you want to watch it you have to play the game yourself.


I set off to find Zorah Magdaros and perhaps even find myself.  I readied my trusty Switch Axe and took my adorable Palico with me.  I named him Neko, which is Japanese for cat.  Now you have learned something for the day and are closer to being ready for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

When I finally caught up with Zorah Magdaros, he did not want to be stabbed with my Switch Axe.  He wanted to be shot with cannon balls.  So shot him with cannon balls I did.  Brian joined about halfway through the quest to help me out, but we later learned that this only increased the monster health as if there were four players.  Darn!

After many cannonballs the elder dragon fell to the earth.  Brian and I boarded the terrible beast and began hunting for the magma cores.  We quickly dispatched the first two and then made our way to his face.  I stayed for an extra slash or two and tried my best to avoid Brian’s knockback from his weapon.  I made my way to the last magma core and began attacking it, Brian wandered around aimlessly and only arrived for the final strike.  After that a new monster appeared on the scene and helped the Zorah Magdaros escape.  We will track him down another day.


Zorah Magdaros!


After that I decided to ignore the main story quests and hunt a Barroth.  We were lead on a riveting hunt through the Wildspire Wastes.  Brian was the first to sniff out his trail, but I soon followed behind him.  Chase heard that we were on a quest of epic proportions, so he also soon joined.  Ricky, an honorary spoon, also decided to help some fledging hunters with their low level capture mission.

The smoothness of the hunt would not go unnoticed by any spectators.  Brian wailed on the beast with his new Gun Lance and I smacked the foe with my Switch Axe.  Soon parts were flying off of our prey.  Eventually, the mighty Barroth begin retreating and his limp told a telling tale of the damage that had been done to his body.  Instead of becoming the very beasts that we were hunting, we spared the monster in favor of further research.


The captured Barroth slumbers.


Finally, after our extensive warmup we decided to hunt the great and deadly Anjanath.  The monster that had given us so much terror now held the infamous Fangs that Brian needed to create a weapon of mass destruction.  It would only take a few hunts to gather the necessary resources, but we could we defeat our greatest foe?

Setting out on the hunt, the four of us readied our weapons and filled our stomachs with some much needed nutrients.  The large beast requires extra preparation in order to achieve the ultimate victory.  We soon found his trail and quickly moved in behind him.  After angering him with some light blows, we brought out the heavy hitters.  I jumped on his back and stabbed him repeatedly.  He growled in anger and bash his head in a vain attempt to remove me.


There’s always time to watch the moon.


I leapt off of him and swung my sword downward.  In that instant I heard a familiar ting of a critical hit, and his tail fell to the ground.  The Anjanath limped off and we knew victory was within reach.  Ricky laid down a trap and we all threw tranquilizer bombs at his face.  The mighty was now ours to do with as we pleased.  Although Brian was still missing his fangs.  We will return to hunt soon.

For now I have a new area to explore, the Great Ravine!


See you next time with more tales from Monster Hunter: World,

Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks

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