Dragon Ball FighterZ is currently Sold Out On Amazon

Where are all the Spoon Deep articles on the top tier characters from Dragon Ball FighterZ?  I hear the cries of the people and I was planning on playing the game all day Sunday, but unfortunately I ordered the game from Amazon!  I could not resist the 20% off  for Amazon Prime preorders, plus I had a gift card left over from Christmas.  And now, because Amazon is temporarily out of stock, you will have to wait for more thoughts on Dragon Ball FighterZ.

I am hoping that the game will arrive on my doorstep and day now.  I did also play a lot of Monster Hunter: World, but I am even more excited for Dragon Ball FighterZ.  I just want to play around with the characters and try to land some of the epic looking super moves.  Also, I haven’t seen many people play as Captain Ginyu and I just need to play as Captain Ginyu so that I can transform into a frog.

The only silver lining comes from my renewed interest in Dragon Ball.  I’ve been watching some episodes of Dragon Ball Super and some classic episodes of Dragon Ball Z.  I’ve been alternating between watching them in Japanese (no subtitles) and English.  Thankfully, I can get the gist of the episode from the animation and my prior knowledge of the series.

In case you were wondering, I collected a lot of Dragon Ball action figures during my teen years.  If are ever looking for a birthday gift for me, just pick out any classic Dragon Ball figure or an amiibo.  Can you imagine a Goku amiibo?

I’ve also watched the second episode of Dragon Ball Z with my girlfriend.  At first she thought I was playing Dragon Ball FighterZ, so I’m not sure if we were actually both watching.  Maybe she will like the third episode better?

Can we talk about some downloadable characters that should be in the season pass?  I haven’t seen anyone mention Raditz! He would be an awesome character.  I’ve seen some people mention Master Roshi and I agree.  Broly is an obvious choice.  How about Vegito? And/or some minigame that allows you to perform a fusion dance.

Finally, with all the time that I have not playing Dragon Ball FighterZ I was able to find the meanings of the Kanji symbols on Goku’s garb.


Goku wears this after traveling to Namek

The kanji above means wisdom or enlightenment and is pronounced ご or “Go.”

Krillin wears this throughout the anime

The kanji above means turtle and is pronounced め or “Kame.”

Thanks for reading, as you can tell I am rather excited for Dragon Ball FighterZ.  In the meantime I have nine seasons of Dragon Ball Z to watch.

Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks

2 thoughts on “Dragon Ball FighterZ is currently Sold Out On Amazon

    1. I contacted Amazon customer service yesterday and they said that stock would be replenished “very soon.” My game shipped out today! It is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday. About 10 days late, but glad its coming

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