Quick Thoughts on Monster Hunter: World

If I had to sum up Monster Hunter: World in one word: repetition.  Although the repetition within this game is not one of boring doldrums, it is more of a refined necessity that creates a focused and goal oriented game.  There is a lot to do in Monster Hunter: World, so much that at times it can feel overwhelming, but hunting monsters always remains the priority and that is where the game shines.

In lieu of recording a podcast last night, Chase, Ian, Brian, and I played Monster Hunter: World.  We only played together for about an hour and half, but it felt like we accomplished a lot.  Chase and Brian spent most of the day replaying the same mission over and over again, continuing to gather resources and upgrading their arsenal.  They also toyed around with some of the fourteen different classes of weapons.

I don’t know what I expected from my first Monster Hunter game.  It has a central hub world where you take on missions and upgrade your gear, it has replayable hunts that reward you with random items, and it has cooperative play that encourages you to help other players accomplish tasks.  The immediate comparison is Destiny or Diablo, but the game doesn’t have traditional random drops.  Weapons and armor pieces will not explode out of a monster’s carcass when you defeat them.  There are no grueling dungeons with challenging puzzles that you must overcome.  There is only the hunt.

Hunting monsters is a lot of fun.  If you like inventory management, you will also have a lot of fun.  If half of the game is spent hunting monsters, the other half is spent staring at inventory screens and managing your items.  There are a lot of tutorials that try to explain how the in game systems work, but trial and error seemed to be the best method for me.  Managing your inventory is made less complicated when you realize that the game gives you every item from the beginning.  After thirty minutes of tutorials and learning how to hide from monsters, you find that you have already unlocked all fourteen weapon classes.  Monster Hunter: World is full of grind, but it is also very generous with its rewards.

Following the story will unlock more and more armor pieces that you can craft.  Hunting different monsters will also get you more and more ways to customize the weapons that you already have.  Monster Hunter excels in its simplicity and draws you in through complicated systems.  All you do is hunt monsters, but beyond that the game has layered so many systems that you could spend most of your time just walking around the hub world making sure you understand it all.

Also there is an arm wrestling station in the multiplayer lobby.  I am currently the undefeated champion.

Expect more on Monster Hunter: World as I continue to explore the different locations.

Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks

3 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts on Monster Hunter: World

  1. I won’t be able to play this any time soon. By the time the PC port drops I’ll probably lose interest in this game. It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. Enjoy your first Monster Hunter game 🙂

      1. I’m not expecting much from the PC port of Monster Hunter lol. It’s probably going to be the same and we’ll have to mod in a proper PC UI.

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