Dragon Ball FighterZ has Loot Boxes

The Dragon Ball FighterZ reviews are in and the game is receiving unanimous praise.  I can not wait to sink my teeth into this game and win at least one ranked match.  Even if I never win a ranked match, I found out that I actually like playing against the computer because I almost always win.  I will win a lot of games against the AI.  But we also need to discuss the loot box situation found within the game.

The loot boxes are fantastic in Dragon Ball FighterZ.  2018 has propelled us into the future of gaming, when loot boxes are player friendly and fun to open.  The developers did not mention loot boxes at all during the promotion of the game, and even the two betas did not give players any indication that loot boxes would be in the game.  When I heard about the loot boxes in the game I honestly thought long and hard about whether or not I would still purchase the game.

Then I read an article by Kotaku’s Mike Fahey entitled “Dragon Ball FighterZ Loot Boxes Don’t Cost Real Money.”  Finally my fears were laid to rest and the hype train can leave the station.  Or will the hype train enter the station?  Either way I am hyped.


Two methods of Loot Box purchases


The loot boxes are surprisingly simple.  Play games in any mode and you will unlock Zeni, which serves as the basic in-game currency.  You will receive about 300 Zeni from after every match, and can buy a random item from the store for 1,000 Zeni.  You can also buy 10 random items for 10,000 Zeni.  If you receive a duplicate item, the item will be automatically dismantled in exchange for Premium Zeni.   You can get another random reward (guaranteed not to be a duplicate) for 10 Premium Zeni.  Here is the best news you’ve heard all year, you can’t buy any of the currency for real money.


Remember trophies in SSBM, most were random!


I’ve never said that randomness is a bad thing in video games.  Loot boxes are bad because of the way they are earned, not because of what is inside them. Think about Super Smash Bros Melee; you could unlock characters via specific in game challenges, but you could also use coins to unlock trophies from a vending machine.  It was fun to grab something new from the vending machine, maybe you would get a trophy from a game you never heard off and would be able to learn something new.  The unlockables in Dragon Ball FighterZ include titles, stamps, character colors, and lobby characters.  They do not include anything that impacts the game, and structure allows you to obtain many things quickly.


The results from a loot box, maybe the stars represent rarity?


And in case you were wondering, you can still unlock characters via specific in game challenges!  SSGSS Goku and SSGSS Vegeta can be unlocked by completing the Arcade modes on certain difficulty.  Loot boxes are fun, but can also be predatory.  It’s fun opening a random present, so much fun that many people choose to spend significant amounts of money on loot boxes.  If you want more loot boxes in Dragon Ball FighterZ, play more Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Oh dear I am so pumped for this game.  It is okay that neither Brian, Chase, nor Ian will pick up the game because I won’t play much online anyway.  But all the reviews are celebrating the fact that the game is so easy to pick up and pull off some visually stunning movesets.  Something I alluded to during my last piece on DBFZ.  Even though the game is simple to pick up, it is still extremely deep and will likely find a great foothold in the competitive scene.

The game also has full Japanese voice options and and English dub, so I can continue to work on my Japanese.  I just found some Dragon Ball manga that I will be purchasing soon,  probably after I read through all of my Japanese children’s books! And while you wait for the game’s official release date this Friday watch the first episode of Dragon Ball Super below.


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