Dragon Ball FighterZ is the New Super Smash Bros.

Kamehameha! Goku’s signature special move is back and looks great on the Xbox One and PS4.  Dragon Ball FighterZ releases on January 26, 2018 and will allow a host of popular Dragon Ball characters to duke it out in a beautiful 3v3 team fighter.  I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to fighting games, they are usually difficult to learn and even harder to master.  The online arenas seem to be filled with other players that are much more skilled than I am and the constant fear of losing makes me shy away from playing them.  Nevertheless, I love the atmosphere around fighting games, I love the characters, I love pulling off flashy moves, and I love learning and improving at a game regularly.  Dragon Ball FighterZ combines all of these things, and presents it in a package that makes the game appealing in the same vein as Super Smash Bros.

I’ve played a lot of Street Fighter, but I never really got into the light punch, medium punch, heavy punch, light kick, medium kick, heavy kick button scheme.  There are too many different ways to initiate a haduken.  And don’t get me started on the shoryuken.

Mortal Kombat combos are also complicated and difficult.  Remembering all of these different button inputs and sequences becomes one of the biggest issues with fighting games.  How many of you can rattle off the button sequence to one of Scorpion’s fatalities?  If Scorpion is your main character then you might have all of his moves committed to memory, but we all know that Sub-Zero is better.




Super Smash Bros. broke the mold of fighting games.  The game encourages new comers to play fighting games again.  Ian has said repeatedly that he doesn’t like fighting games, but he also said that he will likely buy a Nintendo Switch in order to play the next Super Smash Bros.  Why does Super Smash Bros. have such wide appeal?

Super Smash Bros. succeeds because of it’s characters.  Everyone recognizes Nintendo characters such as Mario and Link.  Creating a game centered around Nintendo’s best intellectual properties and pulling in all of the most popular characters makes every Nintendo fan interested.  At the end of the day, the control scheme keeps everyone coming back for more.


When will Waluigi join the fight?


Super Smash Bros. has two attack buttons, standard attack and special attack.  Those two buttons can combine with the directional buttons to create at least 10 unique moves that can be used as combos, smash hits, finishers, or protection.  This control scheme is the same for all characters, you don’t have to memorize a unique string of inputs.  If you know one character’s move set, you can pull off every character’s move set.

Dragon Ball FighterZ operates on a similar formula.  You only have one special attack button and a light attack, medium attack, and heavy attack button.  The light, medium, and heavy all function the same, but offer different damage values and different start up speeds.  Dragon Ball FighterZ will be very difficult to master when you add in two different assist buttons, a dash, vanish move, charge attacks, and three different characters to control on a team.  Just take a look at the controller layout for the game:


It looks complicated, but the core game design maintains that the game is easy to pick up and play.  Just like Super Smash Bros. you only need the special attack (A Button) and physical attack button (X or Y) in order to pull off some great moves and have fun.

I love Dragon Ball, but I was still on the fence about this game until I played the beta.  I played for about an hour and only did some training matches against the computer.  I never found the controller layout during the entire hour I played, but I was able to pull off smashing kamehamehas, long melee combos, and brawled my way to some very satisfying wins.


I want that…


I feel like Dragon Ball FighterZ really nails that feeling of power.  Special moves feel like they hit hard, punches sound brutal as they connect with your opponents, and an intense rocking soundtrack gets you hyped.  Super Smash Bros. kept my interest for countless hours even though I never played online.  I suspect I will play Dragon Ball FighterZ the same way.  I wish the beta was still active so that I can keep playing.

I’ll be picking up Dragon Ball FighterZ when it launches next week.  And as a bonus I can keep working on my Japanese with the Japanese audio settings included in the game.

Who is your favorite Dragon Ball character?
Hint: (mine is Captain Ginyu)


Captain Ginyu in all his glory


Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks

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