Super Meat Boy sells on the Nintendo Switch

Super Meat Boy was released 7 years ago.  The game first launched on Xbox 360 in 2010 to huge acclaim.  The game can be attributed to propelling small scale independent developers into the mainstream.  Games like Super Meat Boy, Braid, and Fez paved the way for the success of Stardew Valley, Shovel Knight, Gone Home, and Cuphead Super Meat Boy, Braid, and Fez were also featured in the documentary film Indie Game: The Movie.  There really are a lot of great indie games.  Some of which have greatly alleviated and refreshed the sometimes overused tropes of modern game developed.

Super Meat Boy is the story of a blob of meat and his girlfriend, Bandage Girl.  There is a character named Dr. Fetus that kidnaps Bandage Girl and it is up to Meat Boy to rescue her.  You can also play as Brownie, a smiling turd.

Super Meat Boy is instantly recognizable.  It is also brutally challenging, often eliciting Dark Souls levels of frustration.  But the platforming is fun and rewarding, the movement feels great as Meat Boy flies through the air and races against the clock.  The levels usually include multiple forms of death traps, like laser beams, meat grinders, and bottomless pits.  Also piles of salt are deadly, because you are meat.

Super Meat Boy sold over 1 million copies by January 2012, but the developers have not released concrete sales data since then.


Last week the game released on the Nintendo Switch.  Because every game deserves to be on the Nintendo Switch.  The developers tweeted that the game sold almost as well as it did during the original launch on the Xbox 360.

I remember buying the game for the Xbox 360 and I remember eventually beating it!  I was just telling Brian last night that I beat the game and really enjoyed the ending.  I wanted to prove to you that I had conquered one of the hardest games of the last decade, but when I went to take a screen shot of my achievements I discovered that I never beat the game….


Should I be surprised?  Only 4.12% of gamers unlocked the achievement!

Super Meat Boy is the perfect game for the Nintendo Switch.  (Among the many other perfect games for the Switch.)  I am glad that a seven year old port sold so well on a new console.  Team Meat is about to get a few more dollars when I pick up the game later tonight, maybe this time I will finally beat it.

As a bonus, here is the speed run for the game completed in 1:14:17.


This also sets up well for this years sequel: Super Meat Boy Forever.

What game will be ported to the Switch next?

Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks

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