Microsoft Set to Reveal New “Career” System Alongside Achievement Updates (Rumor)

When Microsoft first unveiled the achievement system, people did not know what to think.  Years later entire website and YouTube personalities have risen up to tackle the art of collecting and unlocking achievements across as many games as possible.  Stallion83 is a gaming personality because of his 1,723,175 achievement points.  By comparison prettyboyplaid currently sits at a measly 92,179; MangosMD rests at 32,168; Dupie1814 unlocked 26,545; and Thomsonc36 brings up the rear with 10,485.  Now Microsoft is reportedly working on a way to expand the achievement system even more.

Windows Central recently reported that the Xbox is set to receive a “Career” update to the achievement system.  In 2015, Xbox also announced publically at E3 that they are working on updates to the Avatar system, we have not seen any progress on that front yet.

The report is interesting in that it focuses on elevating the visibility of gamers who focus on only playing a handful of games.  The “Career” system will pull individual statistics from games, such as rank, time played, and win/loss ratios. This will offer professional gamers, streamers, and people who just play PUBG a lot a chance to showcase their own gaming achievements separately from specific in game Achievements.


Nice Avatar Chase


Loot boxes are also mentioned… because of course they are.  Allegedly you will be able to play certain games during certain times and gain experience points in that game.  The experience points will be tied to your account and will eventually unlock loot boxes with new gear for your Avatar.  This tidbit makes the rumor seem more realistic to me.  Xbox announced an Avatar refresh years ago and has yet to produce any tangible updates, but because this rumor ties into the Avatar and profile settings of the Xbox ecosystem it seems likely.  Even though currently we have very few details.

There is not much to take away from this rumor besides the fact that there is not a lot of hard evidence yet.  Maybe we will see a new “Career” update to our Xbox Live profile, maybe we won’t.  Maybe we will see new Avatars, maybe we will see nothing.

Personally, I do not care about the Xbox Live Avatars.  They might be cool is a PlayStation Home type environment where we can meet up and do Avatar things together, but we have GTA Online for that.  Also, the current game tracking system on Xbox is fantastic.  There are achievements in specific games that recognize exceptional competitive play.  Looking through an achievement feed for any specific game allows you to compare time played among many other game specific stats. Just look at the comparison between MangosMD and me for Rainbow Six Siege:


Mangos is really good at Siege


Do we need loot boxes for our Avatars?  No.  Do we need Microsoft to start announcing first party exclusive software that will excite the loyal Xbox consumer? Yes.  Am I going to buy a PlayStation 4 anyway?  Probably.

Achievements don’t define who you are as a gamer.  They are a cool trophy to commemorate a neat accomplishment.  But as long as you are having fun gaming, you don’t need achievements.  Maybe that is why Nintendo hasn’t jumped on the Achievement/Trophy bandwagon.  Yet.

Jake prettyboyplaid Fredericks



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