The Five Best Parts of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi released on December 15, 2017 and is a great film to see with your family over the holidays.  The film is not without it’s critics, but I personally loved the film and thought that it was a great movie experience.  The main criticism’s against the movie are related to the length, unanswered questions, and the set up for the next film.  But let’s talk about the best parts of the movie and what made it so much fun to watch!  SPOILER ALERT!! we are going to be talking about key plot points from the film, turn back now if you haven’t seen it!


Kylo Ren with his shirt off

In general the humor throughout the film is excellent.  I was constantly smiling and having fun with the characters.  A two hour and thirty-three minute long film would be boring with some shift in tonality.  Throughout the marketing campaign, The Last Jedi advertised heavy gravitas and emotional weight.  It delivered on epic moments and complicated emotions, but adding some laughter made the film fun and makes me want to re-watch the movie over and over again.  Other moments that fit here include Chewbacca eating the porgs, Luke drinking green milk straight from the utters, and some of Poe Dameron’s dialogue.



Using Hyperspace to destroy the Supremacy

This scene defined the movie.  Vice Admiral Holdo (played by the fantastic Laura Dern) uses the Resistance’s last remaining star cruiser to ram and destroy Snoke’s flagship Supremacy.  The acceleration to hyperspace provides some great build up to this moment and the aftermath is incredible.  We have seen large scale destruction in Star Wars before, such as the destruction of both Death Stars, but we haven’t seen it displayed so well on screen.  The cut to silence for an extended duration after the hyperspace jump and then the aftermath showing the ultimate destruction really add weight to the scene.  Watching it in 3D made my mouth drop.



BB-8 steals the show every time it appears on screen.  We knew from the opening scene that this little droid was going to have a big impact, from fixing Poe’s fighter to piloting an AT-ST to save Finn and Rose.  I loved BB-8 in The Force Awakens, and The Last Jedi shows how much fun the character can be.  Even though BB-8 only speaks in chip tune, the audience is still able to understand what it is saying, thanks in large part to the excellent directing.  BB-8 just proves to be a bad ass and really bucks the trend of the slow moving droids from previous films.  Plus the evil BB-8 from the First Order has a sleek design that mirrors the Resistance’s BB-8 perfectly.


Everything with Snoke

Maybe you were disappointed that we did not learn more about Snoke throughout the film, but that just makes me more excited for future films.  Disney and Lucasfilm would not create such an interesting character and leave everything about him unexplained.  We will most certainly learn more about Snoke’s backstory in a Star Wars story in the fuutre, maybe a film, television series, part of Episode IX, or something else.  The power Snoke wields is awe-inspiring.  He is able to use Force Lightning on Kylo Ren, Force Lift Rey effortlessly, and can connect minds from across the galaxy.  By showcasing Snoke’s awesome control of the dark side, we are also able to glean that Kylo Ren is even more powerful and has an even greater grasp of the Force.  Plus the character has such a distinct look, Andy Serkis just makes CG characters come to life.


Luke’s training with Rey

The best part of the film is Luke’s relationship with Rey.  Personally, I love that Rey’s parents are nobodies.  She isn’t connected to the Skywalker family and Star Wars can finally begin to branch out and explore new Force users and new relationships.  Luke gives a great, modern explanation of the Force; that the energy is a great balance between all things and thus flows through all beings.  The saying “May the Force be with You” makes more sense if everyone can access some relationship to the power and it is not just reserved to the elite few Jedi.  Even Luke’s conversation with Yoda help flesh out their growing understanding of the Force and their realization that access to the mystically power should not be restricted to the elite few, but distributed to the people. Even if it means letting go of some of the things from the past.  Luke really proves that he is a terrible teacher throughout the film, but he has grown in his understanding of the Force and his relationship to it.  The ending scene shows us that Rey was able to take the ancient Jedi texts, so maybe she will be better at learning and passing on the knowledge than Luke.

Hopefully, Episode IX will show us more Force users and more lightsaber battles.  Along with more epic scenes, humor, and a lot more BB-8!  What was your favorite part of the film?

Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks

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