Is Warframe the new Destiny?

Would anyone be interested in checking out Warframe?

Brian recently sent me this message during another one of his attempts to convince me to play a freemium game.  I am a sucker for games that let me play with my friends, so I downloaded the game last night and played a few missions.  Here are some of my thoughts about the first hour of the game.

Warframe wants you to know that Ninja’s Play Free.  Warframe wants you to become a ninja within its world.  Before you get too excited Warframe is not a game about exploring feudal Japanese ruins and fighting samurai from the dark. That game would be awesome, can I play that game?

Warframe is a third person action looter shooter.  Warframe is also free to play.  You control a recently awoken Tenno and try to restore your long dormant powers.  Warframe is often compared to Destiny, although the two games are very different.  I can’t really think of a good game to compare Warframe to, it really is a unique experience.

From my initial exploration of the game systems, it seems like the game tasks you with leveling up weapons and armor in order to unlock more skills or better stats.  There may some kind of crafting because I currently have a lot of crafting materials.  I have also heard that the game is very grindy, and I do not know what activities are available besides missions.


I really enjoyed the freshness that a game like this offers.  At its core it is a third person shooter that tasks you with looting crates and killing countless waves of enemies hoping for something special to drop from their dead body.  But beneath the samey exterior the game offers some stealth mechanics, fun movement options, and a lot of customization.  The different armor sets (called warframes) look incredible, this is also how the developers make money from the game.

Because Warframe is free to play, it offers countless items available for purchase in the digital store front.  You can buy weapons, armor, customization parts, crafting materials, pets, and more.  Almost everything in the game can be purchased from the digital store.  Conveniently you also unlock the store after the second mission.

I don’t know if the store is good or bad.  I do not know if the store is expensive or cheap.  I do not know if you need to buy items to progress or if you can play the game as a free player.  I simply haven’t played enough of the game yet.  I do know that the game does not seem to have loot boxes, or I haven’t encountered them yet.


The lack of the loot box is actually refreshing.  Everything in the store can be purchased directly.  Do you see a Warframe that looks beyond cool?  Buy it.  Do you see a new weapon that you want to try out? Buy it.  I like this kind of transaction model.  I know what I am about to buy and I know exactly what I will get in exchange for some money.  You don’t want to know how much money I would have spent for the Spicy Ramen emote in Destiny 2, if I could have bought it directly.

I like the movement in Warframe.  I like the shooting and the combat mechanics.  I actually like that you have to level up weapons within the game and I am looking forward to playing more of the game.  The first planet, Earth, has about 15 missions.  The game currently has 15 planets, which each have a similar amount of content.  There is a lot of game here.

What is happening?

My one negative so far: dang the game is hard to watch on  I have no idea what is going on.

Will you play Warframe?  Do you have any tips for a new Warframe player?

Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks

4 thoughts on “Is Warframe the new Destiny?

  1. Warframe came before Destiny so… shouldn’t that be reversed? 🙂

    Seriously though… buying things in Warframe is the wrong way to play it imo. I have over 800 hours in Warframe and I’ll admit that I’ve dropped about $200+ in the game over the years, but never for gear. Everything you see in the market can be obtained through grinding and none of the best loot can be bought from the in game store. You have to grind for them. Buying something might seem like a good idea, but my advice is to only buy inventory space upgrades because you’ll need them.

    1. Maybe someday Destiny will be the new Warframe. I really like the gameplay of the Warframe, but the market was a little overwhelming. Thanks for the advice, I might dive back into the game. This time I would like to try it on PC.

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