Paul Tassi on Destiny 2 and the Eververse

We have written a lot about the video game Destiny and this article will be a short opinion asking you to read another article on a different website.  If you didn’t know Destiny is a first person shooter that tasks the player with complaining to Bungie until they change things.  Players continually ask for more player versus environment gameplay and Bungie continues to deliver it, in the form of a large scale meta-game where players complain loudly on the internet to Bungie with the small chance that someday Bungie will listen to them.  Well, here goes.

Paul Tassi is a contributing writer for and their video game liaison.  Since Destiny makes a lot of money and Forbes is a website about money, Destiny is featured frequently.  I will link the article soon, but first read some quotes that I took from the article and my careful analysis of some of the key points.

This creates an issue: it feels like an enormous chunk of content is being kept inside Eververse engrams, rather than allowed to drop in the wild.

Tassi is discussing the new Curse of Osiris expansion for Destiny 2.  An expansion that I own, but have not yet played.  He argues that the Eververse provides many unique drops, but those drops happen in a very sterile, storefront, instead of exploding from the death of an enemy or looted from a chest.  The ships, sparrows, ghosts shells and emotes are some of the best content that Bungie has ever created, but they are only available from the Eververse.  This leaves the player with two options to get the best looking content in the game, grind for experience slowly or spend real money for Bright Engrams.

Despite the fact that the sparrow (and its javelins) aren’t going to help me kill anything faster, it was still an item I wanted more than an actual exotic gun. Therefore, it has value. All cosmetics do, even in a game like DestinyEspecially in a game like Destiny.

This quote made me smile.  Cosmetic items have value.  Especially in a game like Destiny.  Did I wear the armor that had the best stats or perks? No.  I wore the coolest looking armor pieces and choose my exotic based on looks!  My Titan was always rocking the Mask of the Quiet One because it had massive horns!  Even though that particular piece of armor has no benefits for a Striker Titan.

This is not Mask of the Quiet One, but damn do I look good!

The other argument is that you can earn Bright Engrams in-game, which makes it okay. But A) this is not fun and B) it’s not very rewarding either, because of how absolutely massive the loot pool is and how stingy it is doling out its best prizes.

Yes you can earn Bright Engrams just from playing the game, for free.  But you do not earn them frequently and when you do earn one you are often just given garbage.  Besides the cool looking exotic ships, sparrows, ghost shells, and emotes; Bright Engrams are often filled with lesser legendary versions that aren’t very special.  Worse yet, most Bright Engrams are full of rare quality weapon mods, which you will never use.  I have hundreds just sitting in my vault.

I want to like Destiny 2.  I absolutely love the raids and want to do more high end content with friends.  However, Curse of Osiris showed me that Bungie is really good at adding great content to the game over time; however, when a majority of that content is locked behind an in-game store Destiny becomes less about playing the game for rewards and more about paying the game for rewards.

Alright enough from me, go read the full article here:

Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks


3 thoughts on “Paul Tassi on Destiny 2 and the Eververse

  1. I haven’t got Curse of Osiris I’m afraid. I loved my D2 experience 🙂 I haven’t been doing much endgame content because (unlike D1) I felt completely satisfied as the end of D2’s main campaign. I suspect D2 will draw me back next September… which is when I presume there will be a really big expansion to sink my teeth into like The Taken King 🙂

    1. I’m dreaming of an expansion that adds everything that D1 had back into D2, Vault of Glass, Crota’s End, King’s Fall, and Wrath of the Machine, maybe even some new stuff! That would give us plenty to do

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