The Creative Writing Thought Process

Lately I have found myself whirling in a sea of topics to write about.  Brian recently mentioned that thinking of something to write about is the hardest part, but for me choosing what to write about is the hardest part.  I have a journal filled with ideas for the future of Spoon Deep, and let me be clear, the future is bright.  Shiny like a silver spoon.  I just love engaging within the world of video games, though I need to do a better job of engaging within the sphere of writing and blogging.  I often get my best ideas immediately after reading a particularly inspiring article, which leads me to jot my thoughts down in my notebook and wait for the right feelings of inspiration to write an article.

My favorite place to scour for gaming related thoughts is reddit.  The subreddit r/games has a great culture of posting well thought out and meaningful news, opinions, and happenings.  I often peruse the comments to see what other people are thinking before formulating my own opinions.  Then I will take some notes in my journal and write out a brief summary of my findings.  Usually I choose topics that I feel passionate about, which makes it easy to sit down and write.  I look forward to writing throughout the day, and I am constantly looking for ways to hone my craft.

Often an initial article will run well over 1,000 words and I will start editing. Sometimes a vast majority of the writing is good and the article ships to the published world.  On more than one occasion I have written well over 3,000 words on a single topic and never published it.  Sometimes the work is good but doesn’t fit the heart of the website and other times the writing becomes rambling and incoherent.  I enjoy writing stream of conscience articles, but I feel much more confident when the work is first sketched out ahead of time, usually with an intro, conclusion, body paragraph structure, and some kind of point that I am trying to make through writing.  This article is closer to stream of conscience writing.

The Stanley Parable

When I first starting writing my daily articles on Spoon Deep, I stuck to a strict 500 word limit.  But I have found that 500 words is not enough to fully explore a topic.  I do try to keep most of my articles to somewhere between 500-1000 words, so that it only takes a few minutes to read, but can hopefully get you thinking about something for a long time after.

Some times I do wonder if I should be publishing more than one article per day.  My creative writing thought process involves choosing topics that I am passionate about as a starting point.  I do not just want to write my opinions, I want to look deeper into what is going on and what other people are saying.  Then I can create a fresh, smart take and provide a fuller picture about the issue, with some funny pictures and anecdotes along the way.  Thus, I prefer to focus on one higher quality article, even if that means some of my ideas will never be published.  I have one article idea about a CD Projekt Red tweet from about two weeks ago.  Unfortunately, the topic was quite timely and that time has passed.  However, I do have a lot of other ideas that you can look forward to in the coming days and weeks.

Fortnite Battle Royale

For example, I have been keeping track of all the video games that I purchased in 2017 and I will be looking to compile that list as an interesting insight into my gaming habits sometime soon.  I might wait until after the New Year because I will be looking to purchase a few more if Steam or Xbox Live decide to have another sale.

Likewise, I have also been keeping track of all the games that I have completed throughout 2017.  I have a few games on my list that I am hoping to complete before January, so you will also have to wait a few weeks for that article.

In the short term, I am gathering my thoughts about The Stanley Parable, which I beat and instantly fell in love with last weekend.  I am also planning on wrapping up our Spoon Deep Golden Spoon Game of the Year Award with an article reviewing Super Mario Odyssey.  After that I may look into some thoughts on The Game Awards, which airs this Thursday, December 7th at 8:30 EST.  And finally I have a lot of thoughts from some early play sessions of Fortnite Battle Royale, the game is incredibly fun and I can feel myself drawn to the gameplay, but I got booted four times during our early play sessions.  The only time I wasn’t booted was when we were quickly eliminated.

Super Mario Odyssey

There is certainly a lot to look forward to with Spoon Deep over the next few weeks.  And I will be excited to share some of my insights with you all.  I also have a State of the Spoon article which looks at some of the changes and ideas coming to the website over the next year, as well as a chance to look back on the great year 2017 has been.   So I have a lot of ideas, but my biggest hurdle is choosing an idea that I can get to know and create a relationship with and then find the words to describe the relationship.  And then edit, edit, edit.

Do you have any ideas about topics for me to write about?  Let me know if there is a topic that I missed or something you would like to hear about from my perspective!  I would be happy to look into something new!

Enjoy the rest of your day and look forward to some great content to come.

Jake “prettyboyplaid” Fredericks

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