Passion in Gaming

Writing every day isn’t hard. Thinking of something to write about every day is.

Well, games, that’s something. But what about them? How do I make them interesting? How do I make you read past the first sentence? How do I make you come back tomorrow? Well, I can start by writing every day. Like I said, it isn’t hard.

When I first started writing for Spoon Deep, it was easy. I had Destiny. We all did. It was one of the most passionate communities I’ve ever seen, let alone been a part of. And a part of it I was, through thick and thin, all the way from launch to the very week before Destiny 2. I had my ups and downs, of course. We all did. But passion is what brought me back day in day out and always gave me something to write about. It was easy.

I’m not passionate about Destiny 2. I never was. I played over 100 hours in its first six weeks, which looks like passion, but it’s not. I did look for it though. I looked hard, but it was never there. To appeal to the masses, Bungie lost its most dedicated fanbase, me among them. Destiny 2 was supposed to give me another three years of writing. I suppose it still could. The material is there, I just don’t want it.

Passion Sans

I’ve played, completed, and retired so many games these past months looking, and I can’t say it’s been all bad. I beat SOMA, whose atmosphere and narrative left me with nightmares of self-conscious robots thinking about existence and identity. I beat FEZ, a super unique retro puzzle-platformer that’s almost straight out of Ready Player One. I even beat Undertale with its quirky charm and actually funny dialog. These are the games I’ve stuck with after quitting countless others after anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours. These indie games are breathing life back into my gaming, and I know just what to do to make sure it comes alive.

The Switch. My passion for gaming still exists, I’ve just misplaced it. I’ve had this sneaking suspicion where it might be, and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t somewhere else before I buy it, but I want a Switch. I want Golf Story. I want Odyssey. I want Breath of the Wild, and Spla2n, and even Shovel Knight. This is where I think my passion’s hiding, and as Christmas rolls around, I might just buy myself the only present I really want this year.


SOMA, FEZ, and Undertale were good, but I can’t help but think these Nintendo games will be great. Jake has a Switch, Ian wants one, and maybe even Chase. I’d love to see Spoon Deep enter 2018 with a spoon in one hand and a Switch in the other. Only time will tell, but I’m happy to do my part.

Until then,


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