Destiny 2: Make the Game Fun Again, Not A Competitive eSport

Let me make one thing clear…Destiny 2 is never going to be an esport. In fact I will argue that Destiny 2 will never be a competitive shooter, nor should it be. Jake just posted about the current state of D2 and Bungie’s attempts to fix some of the issues that plague it.  What was one of the highlights that jumped off the screen and slapped me? Bungie’s top priority at this point is to focus on making the Ranked PvP better.


This is a mistake.

I agree that The Crucible, Bungie’s player versus player (PvP) mode, should be focused on right now because it currently contains some of the most glaring issues in D2. However, there is a way to fix it quickly so that Bungie can get back to focusing on what, in my opinion, most people play Destiny for; the raids, strikes, and challenges, or the player versus environment (PvE) modes.  The answer is simple, focus on making PvP fun again, not more competitive.


Give people more than two playlists with five game modes between them. What happened to big team battle, capture the flag, regicide, and king of the hill from Bungie’s past franchise, Halo?  In the original Destiny, Mayhem was one of my favorite game modes because it was fun and it epitomized the character of the game; becoming a freaking immortal space wizard that uses their light to toss magic around to smite your foes.  Add custom games and a forge option so people can create new and inventive game modes like Grifball, paintball, infection, and any of the other thousands of custom games made in the Halo days. This would keep things fresh and fun for the PvP community and allow Bungie to focus on improving the PvE side of things.

I gave the Destiny Subreddit, r/destinythegame, a quick look today to see why making PvP more competitive is so important right now and to be honest I still have no idea why it is. I scrolled through hundreds of the top posts and didn’t see very much on needing to make PvP more competitive. There were several posts about needing to have a better matchmaking system so less skilled people don’t go up against people of greater skill, but even those paled in comparison to the number of topics regarding the issues with PvE and the lack of a fun PvP environment.  


So why the focus on making a more competitive shooter? Greed? There is currently a lot of money and investment into the competitive esports scene. Ad revenue, increased player base and sales because of exposure, tickets to events, and plenty of others areas. We have seen how greedy gaming companies have become in the past few years with loot boxes and even the recent experience points scandal with Bungie. Whatever the reason, it is a mistake spending resources on making D2 a more competitive game and the focus should instead be on making D2 a more fun and rewarding game.

Fortunately there are several other games out there that accomplish competitive online multiplayer better than Destiny 2.  Including Overwatch, Rainbow Six: Siege, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Halo 5: Guardians, just to name a few. Each of these games will provide a better and more balanced competitive PvP experience than Destiny.  If you are looking for a competitive multiplayer experience, go play those games so I can get a better experience with the Destiny world and lore that I have come to love.


Destiny succeeds as a rich world, filled with large and epic story moments, like raids, strikes, and missions.  People want Destiny to have the feel of a massively multiplayer online game but most MMOs don’t have a truly competitive PvP experience and instead focus on story, community, and world building. The only MMO that I can think of that has a very competitive PvP system is World of Warcraft.  However, the primary draw for most players within World of Warcraft are the top tier storytelling, epic raid content, and rich immersive world.   Stop focusing on competitiveness and look to world and community building.

Destiny is an absolute blast when grouped up with friends and jumping into the raid or other end game content.  I was having a conversation with the other members of Spoon Deep today and Jake said it best, “The raid content is so fun, their (Bungie’s) primary focus should be on expanding that system. Give us more raids, challenges, raid weapons. Not competitive PvP…” Plain and simple, PvE not PvP.

-Ian “Dupie1814” DePuy

2 thoughts on “Destiny 2: Make the Game Fun Again, Not A Competitive eSport

  1. Destiny 1 crucible had its flaws but I kept playing it because it was fun and enjoyable. Destiny 2 crucible has different flaws and it is not fun, so I don’t play it very much at all. They actually fixed my biggest issue with D1 crucible (I’m looking at you sticky grenades) but screwed up the super generation speed and added a longer time to kill. All which makes it a team shooting stink fest, where you never feel powerful or awesome.

    1. I agree, the team shooting changed the game. I also wish we at least had the option of 4v4 or 6v6, or maybe even 3v3 or some 2v2. It feels like D1 had so much more going on and D2 actively removed things that players enjoyed.

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