Steam Autumn Sale & Black Friday Game Sales 2017

The Steam Autumn Sale is upon us.   If you needed another reason to stay inside during the upcoming winter months, PC gaming has you covered.  Brian has often argued that gaming on the Personal Computer is some kind of master experience.  As the years go on, he would be happy to hear that the merits of PC gaming has grown on me.  Check out some of the best deals available on Steam during their Black Friday extravaganza.

The Steam Autumn Sale is scheduled to go from now until 10 am EST on November 28.  Steam recently overhauled their Lightning Deals sale model, so do not expect any sale prices to change or any new games to be added to the sale between then and now.  That said, there are over 7,000 items on sale.  Xbox Live is also participating in the festivities, and you can check out some of my 10 favorite deals here.  Below are the 11 best deals from the Steam sale, with a few bonuses too.

The Stanley Parable – $3.74


An intriguing game about making decisions throughout a workday.  This game really creates some existential questions about the relationship between the player and the player’s character.


L.A. Noire – $6.99


If you are thinking about purchasing the newly remastered edition but don’t want to spend $40, this is the game for you.  You can also get the complete edition for a few dollars more.


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – $4.99


A game so ambitious that the studio went bankrupt after finishing the game.  This is a fairly standard RPG romp through a fantasy setting, but might be worth owning just because of the story behind the development.


Undertale – $4.99


An indie darling with elements from numerous genres throughout the years.  The game’s soundtrack alone is worth the price of admission, but do try to achieve the pacifist achievement if you want a real challenge.


Nier: Automata – $34.99


A game about looking up a robot’s skirt and hacking away at other autonomous robotics.  This game is sure to win over the hearts of anime fans and Japanese action game fans.  This game is sure to be nominated for many of 2017’s end of the year awards.


Left 4 Dead Bundle – $2.98


Spoon Deep has had at least two discussions about purchasing Left 4 Dead when it went on sale.  The bundle includes both the first game and the sequel.  Is it time we finally download these classics?  For a fun zombie killing festival before zombie killing festivals were overdone, this game is a must play for all cooperative gaming groups.


Portal 2 Bundle – $2.23


Including both the original game and the fantastic cooperative sequel, the Portal series is beloved by many.  The comedy and writing make this game an instant classic.  If you have not yet been introduced to the memes of the companion cube, this is your chance to experience it first hand.


Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition – $0.98


If playing the modern re-imagining of this classic franchise has you intrigued, the original game is a great value.  A first person role playing stealth action game, with endless possibilities for each level, made this game award worthy over a decade ago.


Psychonauts – $0.99


Eventually Psychonauts will receive the praise it deserves.  Double Fine has created a lot of weird worlds throughout the years, but Psychonauts remains something special for the unique platforming and setting.


Postal 2 – $0.99


The game that is banned in most countries around the world.  Postal 2 allows you to urinate and defecate in toilets, slaughter innocents with chainsaws, and cause endless rampage, as a postal worker gone rogue.  Nevertheless, the game can be completed without killing a single person.


Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver – $0.97


Play as an ancient vampire threatening to reclaim your throne in this action platformer from the old PlayStation and PlayStation 2 era.  The entire game series is on sale and should consist of fairly quick play throughs if you find it enjoying.



Middle-earth: Shadow of War – $35.99


The sequel to the Game of the Year worthy predecessor is now on sale on both Steam and Xbox Live.  You can continue your journey through the land of hobbits, man, dwarfs, elves, and orcs – mostly orcs.  But watch out for your greatest enemy, loot boxes and an infinite grind.


Dark Elf – $2.39


This sexual role playing game has you masquerading as a dirty elf searching for a friend.  Chase will certainly be looking forward to live streaming this game, pants optional.

What will you be playing over the next few months?  The award season is upon us, so now is the time to catch up on your backlog and add a few more games to your list so that it won’t run dry anytime soon.




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