Super Mario Odyssey is Wonderful

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, in case you need an excuse to avoid your family for a few minutes, here is an article about the wonderful Super Mario Odyssey.  If you haven’t noticed already, the Nintendo Switch is having a great year.  With the release of Doom and Skyrim on Switch, the console has entered into the bold territory of great third party games.  But the Switch really shines with first party releases.

As of this writing, Super Mario Odyssey currently holds the number three position on Game Rankings All Time Best list with an average review score of 97.38.   The Spoon Deep staff has not yet entered the waters of fully reviewing games, but consider this article to be a sort of first impression.


To sum up my early thoughts, Super Mario Odyssey is an absolute joy to play.  The game’s visual style strikes just the right balance of fun and informative.  Each area feels instantly enormous, but still simple to explore.   The kingdoms do not feel overly large, they just feel well designed.  Every space has a purpose and is fun and unique in its execution.

I spent my first few hours in the game exploring every nook and cranny of the introductory kingdom.  I wound up with 9 of the world’s 25 moons.  I looked everywhere for those moons, and when I saw the complete list my jaw fell.  Where are they??  I can not wait to go back to that area and discover more of its secrets.

After Cascade Kingdom the areas just get larger and more complicated.  For example, Sand Kingdom has 69 hidden moons, of which I found 18 during my first pass.   The game rewards you for exploring at every turn.  Some of the moons are hidden in plain sight just inside of a tree trunk or behind a cracked rock.  As long as you are exploring you will find moons, and you will have fun doing it.


In total there are over 800 moons to collect throughout the game.  The number of moons in each kingdom increases after Bowser is defeated,  which allows for a ton of endgame content.  I will probably never collect all of the moons in the game, but some speed runners have done it in under 24 hours.  If you haven’t checked out a Super Mario Odyssey speed run, watch Trihex or SpikeVegeta on

Mario blasts around the kingdoms, jumping and back flipping around platforms and enemies.  If I had one criticism, it would be that the game is relatively easy.  However, Super Mario Odyssey‘s values lie in creating a rich and fulfilling world for the player to explore.  As a bonus, I love easy games.  I just love taking the time to look around, take a couple screenshots, and then do something silly to see what happens.  In Super Mario Odyssey you will probably find a moon.


The game is not filled with superfluous quests designed to keep the player busy.  You are simply searching for moons.  Some moons are hard to find, some moons are easy to find.  Either way, every play session is rewarding.  Prior to writing this article, I turned the game on just to check how many moons were in each level, and in the process found five more moons.

On second thought, I might try and find every single moon.  Even if you are totally lost you can talk to Captain Toad for a hint about the location of another moon.  Did I mention that this game has costumes that aren’t tied to loot boxes.  You just buy them with coins you collect throughout the game, and you collect a lot of coins throughout the game.  My Mario is currently wearing a sombrero and serape.

The screenshot editor also allows you to turn the game into an oil painting.

Nintendo has decided to treat players’ time with respect.  It is sad that so many other open world games are filled with collectibles that don’t mean anything.  In this game every moon is valuable and it feels great finding one.  I haven’t even started on the hat mechanics, but if I haven’t sold you on the Nintendo Switch yet check out the visuals in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Happy Thanksgiving,


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