Spoon Deep 12: The Podcast about Star Wars Battlefront II

Spoon Deep is back.  Back again.  With Episode 12 now rearing it’s ugly head, you can listen to Ian, Brian, and Jake talk about video games.  This week we talk about Star Wars: Battlefront II and all the problems the game has experienced recently.

We tried to keep the episode succinct enough for a short listen on a commuter train… and managed to keep it to about 35 minutes.  We changed the format around too.  Instead of each of us talking about a unique topic we stuck to a current event in the video game industry.

Spoon Deep has already written quite a bit on loot boxes…



And Here

Spoon Deep wants to be a driving force in the games industry.  As veteran gamers we want the games industry to be the best that it can be.  Hopefully, by talking about and discussing some of these key issues we can educate and enlighten our listeners to some of the things going on in the industry. We also vow to hold gaming companies to a high standard, so that gamers keep getting great games.

Going forward we hope each episode can highlight some of the great things happening in the industry, along with shining a light on some of the more negative aspects in the hope that things can change going forward.

Even if Star Wars: Battlefront II fucks up their launch with loot boxes and bad progressions systems, they can still change in the future.  I hope that EA and DICE decide to make changes to the Star Wars: Battlefront II experience because the game is actually really fun.

Hopefully you enjoy thinking about some of these issues along with us and hopefully you will be back next week for another podcast.

Intro Song: Green Monday by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

If you are a music creator and would like your music featured as the opening song for the podcast we are currently looking for some fresh talent.  Any comments, suggestions, or questions can be sent to spoondeepgaming@gmail.com

Have a great Tuesday!

-Just Jake and the Boys

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