Four Thousand Pixels (Horizontally)

The Xbox One X arrives in stores next week.  People are already unboxing the world’s most powerful console and it looks amazing.  One of the main selling points for the new console is ability to run games in 4k resolution with High Dynamic Range (HDR).  Good thing my TV just died last week, because it is time for an upgrade.

As a long time gamer I have many different TV sets around my house.  I currently play games on my 1080p, 24″, 3D ready Sony monitor.  This thing was the top of the line television set four years ago.  3D screens were the next big thing and I remember excitedly watching the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on the screen with my 3D glasses.

However, 3D television sets were deemed impractical for most home viewing.  Most stores no longer carry 3D televisions, although still has a category for checking them out.

The next evolution in monitor technology is 4k.  Side note: 4K resolution on home screens is actually 3840 X 2160 pixels.  I remember when the first 4k television was announced at CES, four or five years ago.  The screen was huge, so of course the number of pixels exceed the current standard format of 1080.

I was not an early adopter for 4k television screens.  Which is strange for someone like me because I am usually the first in line for new technologies, including HD-DVD (which is now a defunct format).

With my previous 40″ 720p television gone, I now have a reason to jump on the 4k revolution.  I am excited for the HDR more than anything.  I think that television shows and movies will look better than ever with more realistic coloring effects.


The last piece of technology to die on me was the Xbox 360.  After an extra long gaming session I saw the red rings of death.  Meaning that my Xbox 360 was no longer functioning.  I decided to view this moment with glee and allow myself the opportunity to get a new Xbox 360 S as soon as possible.

When you purchase a new 4k television, you also have to have some new technology to show it off.  Good thing the Xbox One X is coming so soon.  This might also be my chance to finally buy that second Xbox that I have been dreaming of.  For too long have I had to move my console between TV’s in order to play on a bigger screen, or watch a movie on the couch.

No longer will I suffer the fate of a one Xbox household.

The Xbox One X is scheduled to launch with about 70 games that will take advantage of the new consoles capabilities.  Including 4k support, HDR support, framerate improvements, sharper textures, and in some cases greater numbers of pedestrians on city streets.

As a bonus the Xbox One X is even smaller and lighter than the launch version of the Xbox One.


As time goes on games will likely become more and more separate between the Xbox One and the Xbox One X.  Just like my old iPhone 5s compared the new iPhone X.  (That naming scheme must be pretty popular.)

Will you be picking up a new Xbox One X on November 7th?  Do you already have a 4k TV or are you waiting a little while longer?


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