Destiny 2 Tip: Slow Down

Destiny 2 has been out for almost two months.  On console most of my friends have moved on.  But the game just released on PC last week!  What nuggets of wisdom has hindsight given the console players that might help the PC community enjoy this fresh new experience?  Slow down.

If you watched any streamers on over the last week, you are probably way behind where you think you should be.  Professor Broman, King Gothalion, Triple Wreck, and others are now near max light level on their PC account, some of them even attempted the raid.

Honestly I haven’t been following the PC release of Destiny 2 that closely.  I have been feeling very burnt out from the grind and many of the issues with the game.  However, that doesn’t mean the game isn’t fun.  I sunk about 100 hours into the game over the first two months, and have now run out of motivation to keep playing.

Last night, my Destiny clan decided it was time to play games together.  Destiny 2 wasn’t mentioned.  We decided to play Titanfall 2 yesterday, and are planning on hopping on Star Wars Battlefront later today.  We are also Spoon Deep into our Pokemon randomizer run, which may be a future blog post.

So what is my advice to you young whippersnappers?  Take it slow.  Enjoy the journey.  Destiny is not a game to rush through.  Once you get to the end, you start to see the limitations of a game that at one point felt unlimited.

destiny soccer 2

Do the Adventures in each area.  And listen to what is being said between the characters.  The Adventures have some of the best writing in the game and really flesh out the Destiny universe.  Explore each Lost Sector slowly, really get lost in these sometimes sprawling areas.  You can always take a speed run attempt later.

Enjoy the farm.  This is a great social space with lost of hidden buffs and collectibles.   Just jump around and play with the soccer ball. You might even make a new friend.

Destiny is an experience.  But once you get to the end of the journey there aren’t very many reasons to come back.  If you allow yourself to take it slow you will be rewarded!  You will have more opportunities for clan rewards, Xur visits, and weekly milestones.

I did not even visit Xur or collect my clan rewards this week.  When will I be back?


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