The Turing Test: Am I a Robot?

Have I been writing? Well, look for yourself.

I just haven’t had anything to write about lately. I haven’t touched Destiny 2 in a week(!) or done much of anything in the gaming world. I downloaded and played one of this month’s free Xbox Live games, The Turing Test, and it was actually alright! It was really good, in fact. It was short and to the point, the puzzles were manageable, and the story held my interest. In terms of difficulty, it falls slightly below the Portal series and doesn’t hold a candle to The Talos Principle. I still wouldn’t be done with the stars in TTP if not for the help of the internets. As for The Turing Test, it was nice to have to think, but not too much. Again, similar to much of Portal not counting the free Portal Stories: Mel, where things got exponentially more difficult.

I like puzzle games. I’ve played Portal, Portal 2, Portal Stories: Mel, The Talos Principle, LIMBO, and now The Turing Test as mentioned above with both FEZ and The Cave in waiting. I admit I have trouble sticking with a difficult puzzle and not looking up the solution, but man does it feel good to figure it out myself. That’s why The Turing Test sits highly with me. Granted, the puzzles weren’t overly difficult, but I managed to get through the entire game by myself with the exception of a few of the optional puzzles which weren’t so much hard as tricky, asking you to think outside the box and utilize tools you haven’t seen before.


As for the story, it sticks with themes seen in several puzzle games now dealing heavily with consciousness, reality, and artificial intelligence. It includes resources scattered throughout its levels adding additional dialogue and texts on these subjects. You start the game as Ava Turing, an astronaut assigned to one of Jupiter’s more interesting and potentially life-harboring moons, Europa, trying to figure out what happened there. You progress through the story at a good pace alongside T.O.M., a morally ambiguous AI who plays a role similar to Wheatly in the Portal series, albeit a lot less funny. There are 7 chapters, each of which is broken up into 10 separate levels with one optional puzzle per chapter. Each level concludes with a deeper look into the game’s main story as you investigate the crew and their mission there. Overall, this game rates 8/10 for me and to be honest, I rarely finish any game with less.


So now what? Well, I’m going to replay them! And play new ones! I’ll attempt to restrain myself looking up solutions to even the most difficult puzzles until I’ve absolutely exhausted my thinky thingy, but no promises. Remember, I’m a software developer by day, so my puzzle solving capabilities are severely bonked by the time I get home to play games.

I’m going to start with those games I own but haven’t finished, which means FEZ is up first, followed by The Cave and then Portal Stories: Mel. I plan on buying The Witness, and I don’t plan on replaying The Turing Test because well, I’ve just finished it.

This will be a work in progress because, as I said, I can only handle so many puzzles a day. I of course plan to keep playing games with the boys. I’ve got Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel to play with Ian while Jake and I have been messing around with a Pokemon randomizer and other Nintendo emulation. I’d love to jump back into Halo or Titanfall 2, and I’m having a lot of fun with Paladins. So many games to play, so much time to play them all.


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