Top 4 Scariest Halloween Games for the Xbox One

Halloween approaches like the ring-wraiths chasing Frodo.  Wait, would that mean that it will never actually arrive because Frodo escapes their icy grip?  October is a month for jump scares, spooky atmospheres, and video games.  It is starting to get a lot colder, which means less reason to go outside and more reason to play video games indoors.  October is a month for playing horror video games because of Halloween and reasons.  So here is a list of the top 4 scary video games for the Xbox One.

Resident Evil


Resident Evil Remaster

Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine struggle against the corrupt Umbrella Corporation.  For some reason the company decided to create an underground laboratory protected by puzzles, hidden traps, and secret rooms.  The atmosphere in this game creates a disturbing sense of constant tension, that will keep you searching for all the hidden ammo stashes and weapon upgrades.

This is the grandfather of survival horror and the updated control scheme make it feel like a re-energized classic.  The lack of supplies keeps you on your toes, but if you beat the game fast enough you will unlock at unlimited ammo rocket launcher.  The game is not scary with an unlimited ammo rocket launcher.





Originally released as a Wii U launch title.  Ubisoft though to remove the gamepad functionality and release the game on Xbox One.  You play as a random British survivor roaming the streets of London.  The best part about the game is smashing Zombies in the head with a cricket bat, because you are British.

The unique aspect of this game involves the death mechanic.  Each death is permanent and your character will drop their bag and all items when they die.  You will respawn as a randomly generated character and have the option to go back, kill your old zombified self and pick up your stuff.  You do not want to die in this game, the difficulty is not too high but the fear of death keeps you on your toes.


The Evil Within 2


The Evil Within 2

Recently released and arguably a great improvement over the original game.  You play as Sebastian Castellanos whom has been transported into a shared consciousness world populated by everyone’s worth nightmares.  Which includes getting your picture taken by a naked, 8 armed, spider women.  This game is nothing without it’s atmosphere.

After letting your jaw drop at each more disturbing enemy and boss battle, you blast your way through with a deadly arsenal of weapons.  The game world is full of collectibles, upgrades, and zombies.  The presentation of this game draws you in, ready for a jump scare at any moment.  Or some large fire wielding enemy to stick your knife into.


Alien: Isolation


Alien: Isolation

Okay I hear you “no more zombies.”  How about Aliens?  Alien: Isolation is one of my favorite games of this generation.  For most of the game you avoid the Android enemies.  But eventually the titular Alien appears and chases you from room to room.  The game allows you hide inside lockers, under desks, inside air ducts, or just around the corner from the Alien.

The Alien learns your pattern of avoidance and adapts to the actions your character takes.  Every time you replay a level, the Alien does something different.  If you can allow yourself to be drawn in to the world, there is nothing more horrifying than running around a corner, hiding in a locker, and waiting for the Alien to turn the other way.  Or he might just pop out from a air vent above you and skewer your insides.


Bonus: Halo the Master Chief Collection


Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Imagine a desolate world full of potential.  You enter into a matchmaking lobby waiting to play your favorite game mode, FOR AN ETERNITY.  The most terrifying aspect of MCC: no one plays it.  The game’s population is very low due to poor launch performance and even worse post launch support.  Some game modes are quick to be matched with others, but most are terrifying desolate wastelands.  Even if you play the coop campaign with friends, you will most likely run into a game breaking bug that will force you to restart the level multiple times.  THE HORROR.

But 343 Industries did just announce that they will be updated the game with lots of improvements for the Xbox One X…. in 2018.   Until then we can still play Infection mode.

Trick or treat, smell my feet.

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