Destiny 2 Needs More Non-RNG Progression Pathways

Are you frustrated with Destiny 2?  According to the /r/destinythegame subreddit everyone has completed everything there is to do within the game and is angry at Bungie for not creating more content.  I may be in the minority, but I think that Destiny 2 has a ton of stuff to do.  However, the way goals and and the progression roadmap are presented create most of the frustration for players.  Destiny 2 needs more non-RNG progression pathways.

Before you begin reading, or after (I’m not the boss of you), watch Datto’s YouTube video on Iron Banner and tokens.  He addressed a lot of the complaints that people had with Iron Banner and some of the progression problems within Destiny 2.  It is a long video so make sure you have time to watch it and then keep reading below.

What are the progression pathways within Destiny 2?

The primary means of progression, or increasing your Power Level within Destiny 2, comes from the weekly milestones each week.  The only way to get better gear is to complete milestones, such as the Nightfall, Raid, Call to Arms Crucible Quest, Trials of the Nine, Flashpoint, and Clan challenge.

Each of these milestone rewards is a random piece of gear from an engram. If one piece of gear is holding your power level back, you might not get it from you weekly engrams.  Then you have to wait until next week.

This is exactly the same progression that players experience prior to Power Level 265.  Players must rely on random drops from Heroic Public Events, Strikes, Crucible, or turning in tokens.

What are non-RNG progression pathways?

RNG, or random number generator, refers to the unpredictable nature of engram rewards.  Sometimes you get what you want and its very exciting, sometimes you get a double for the fourth time and think the game is hot garbage.

Xur is an example of non-RNG progression.  You can visit him every weekend and pick the piece of gear that you need to increase your Power Level.  Trials of the Nine also rewards players with weapon and armor choices for achieving 7 wins, or going Flawless.

Why are players frustrated?

Players have no control over their rewards.  Do you really need a pair of boots to increase your Power Level?  Get lucky.  Are you hoping to complete the set from a specific planet?  Keep turning in tokens.

The problem was exemplified with the Faction Rally and Iron Banner events this month.  It took some players upwards of 35 Iron Banner rank ups before they completed the armor set.  That is a lot of Iron Banner for a week.

Faction Rally limited the number of rank ups to about 35.  I managed to rally the New Monarchy to the maximum and still never received the helmet.  I felt like my time investment was not valued.

Can we solve the issue?

Vendors in Destiny 1 sold items in exchange for legendary marks.  Even if the items were below your Power Level, you could still buy the Dead Orbit shotgun that everyone was using, or you could obtain the Iron Banner helmet after achieving rank 5.

Destiny 1 gave players a way to obtain the gear they want without relying on RNG.  The tokens within Destiny 2 aren’t necessarily the source of the problem.  They become the problem when they are the only means to achieve new items.

Give players a specific path to obtain a piece of gear.  Turn in 5 engrams in Iron Banner and achieve the ability to purchase the helmet or auto rifle.  Save up enough legendary shards and Shaxx will sell you the rocket launcher you have been looking for.

Use the token system and RNG to keep things interesting, but give players some choice and agency when obtaining gear to keep people happy and motivated towards a specific goal.

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