Bungie Please, Top 5 Wish List Ideas for Destiny 2

It seems like the /r/destinythegame subreddit is full of Bungie pls and other requests from the developer to change the game that most of us have been playing non-stop for the past month.   Certainly the developer is working on some new, great things for us to enjoy in the coming months.  However, for right now we can put together a list of crazy things that I believe would make the game even better.

Number 1
Bring Back Strike Scoring


Strike scoring was really fun.  It also gave you a reason to run the strike and something to try to improve upon each run through.  Bungie could add a tier system as well, so that if you scored enough points you would have an increased chance at an exotic or legendary reward.   We don’t even need more strikes, just a new way to experience them.  Maybe create separate Heroic Playlist that increases rewards for players that play consecutive matches.

Number 2
Create More Variety in the Crucible

The Crucible is in a terrible position right now.  The mode is getting stale with MIDA Multi Tool dominating the meta and Auto Rifles overpowering at most distances.  Even besides weapon balancing, PVP is lackluster because of a lack of modes.  What happened to Rift or Rumble?  Every mode in Destiny 2 is 4v4, which is a lot of fun.  But what happened to 3v3, 2v2, 6v6, or even vehicles?  The ability to choose a game mode would be great, and have game modes that allow more people.  Casual matches should have 12 players, where smaller team sizes make more sense in competitive modes.

Number 3
Change the Shader System


One of the first controversial Destiny 2 decision was the shader system.  I actually understand the reasoning behind the system, but at the end of the day the system just comes across as a glimmer sink.  It costs way too much glimmer to shade a ship and sparrow.  But the main problem I have with the system is that you can only hold 50 different shaders in your inventory.  But there are more than 50 different shaders!  The only thing you can do is remove the shaders by deleting them…. one at a time!  Bring back a kiosk system that could store all your shaders and let you see some of the ones that you are missing.

Number 4
Take Away the Eververse

I am actually a big fan of the Eververse.  I have actually spent real money on Destiny Silver, and enjoy my exotic weapon ornaments.  However, all of the best stuff is locked behind a lottery system.  You are unable to buy anything directly from the Eververse.  You can only use Silver to purchase Bright Engrams.  If you dismantle something from the Bright Engrams, you will receive Bright Dust which can then be used to purchase some of the rotating stock that the store carries each week.  Remove this system from the game.  All the best shaders, all the best sparrows, all the best ships, all the best emotes, and all of the weapon ornaments are locked behind random loot boxes.  Playing the game makes me feel exploited and without any real power or choice over the things that I want to unlock.

Number 5
Remove the Token Lottery System

The biggest change from Destiny 1 to Destiny 2 comes from the Vendors.  They no longer actually sell anything!  You can only turn in Planetary and Activity Tokens for a specific engram that has a chance to contain specific set pieces.  Goth summed up my feelings when he tweeted:


Brian “Mangos,” also gave his take in an article last week.  This system is everywhere in Destiny.  The raid drops tokens, Trials of the Nine drops tokens, Public Events on each planet drop tokens, Iron Banner drops tokens, the Nightfall drops tokens, and Crucible drops tokens.  But you can’t actually use the tokens to buy what you want.  You can only trade in a large number of tokens to obtain an engram, that might contain only shaders and legendary shards.  Bring back vendors that sell gear.  Give the player some sort of agency within the game.  If I really want the New Monarchy Helmet, let me grind a bunch of tokens and then BUY IT!  Instead I am forced to roll the dice and hope that the piece of gear that I want drops from the engram.   This system might be better if you could not get so many duplicates.

What do you think?  What else could Bungie do to improve the game right now?  What systems do you miss the most from Destiny 1?

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