What I Miss from Destiny 1

Spoiler alert: A lot, although I can live without most of it. Some, like non-set weapon perks, I didn’t even take full advantage of at the time. I didn’t care enough to farm Omnigul for hours on end for the perfect Touch of Malice or the Undying Mind for a god-roll Imago Loop, although I appreciated that those options did exist. Some are straight-up nostalgia like my Shadow Price and Zombie Apocalypse, both of which carried me through my first year of Crucible. Some still are things I knew I couldn’t take with me from 1 to 2, like the Vault of Glass raid and some of my favorite strikes, The Summoning Pits and The Devil’s Lair. That’s all okay, but one thing in particular leaves a warlock-sized hole in my heart: strikes. Not any one specific strike as mentioned above, but the way strikes were not in Year 1, but in Year 3.

Destiny 1 concluded with a bang. Strikes were updated to remaster some of our early favorites and to include a scoring system with its own accompanying set of bounties. These were fantastic. They gave us a reason to run strikes again and more importantly, made them fun.


Strikes in Destiny 2, however, are rather pointless. I can’t think of a single reason to run them outside of maybe wanting the Zavala armor set? Which you can get anyway through repeated Nightfall runs. They’re just not worth it anymore, and this makes me sad. I loved strikes as they were at the end of Destiny 1, and I’d love to see them make a comeback now. I have faith that they will, but I doubt that it won’t be in the form of DLC.

I just don’t understand why Destiny 2 seems to have picked up where Destiny 1 began rather than where it left off. If the track record of Destiny is to be trusted, then I know Destiny 2 will become a better and better game over time. I’m having fun of course, but I can’t pretend like the endgame isn’t an issue. Again, one that I know will be fixed, but it’s my money and I want it now.

Ps As I said before, there are a number of things I miss from the original game, and while the state of strikes are indeed number one, I’d like to give a quick shout-out to number two: machine guns. I’ve been a machine gun supporter from day one over rockets, and while I still miss my Zombie, I’m absolutely shaken over the loss of Thunderlord. RIP


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