Destiny 2: Month 2 – Stormcallers R Gud

They b so gud n stuff, lyke wow so crazee.

Whaddup spoons, it’s ya boi, Mangos.

Destiny 2’s been out an entire month now, which is exactly how long it’s taken me to gather my thoughts about the new stormcaller. Not really, but we’re saying it, because it’s my article, and I can do what I want.

To the point, Destiny 2’s stormcaller doesn’t look much different than Destiny 1’s, at first. But it was pretty good in D1 so that’s okay! On closer inspection, however, and probably too much playtime, it’s much more than it’s ever been. D2’s stormcaller is by far the warlock’s best subclass, and once Pulse Grenades get their inevitable damage nerf, they may even take over striker titans as the best subclass in the game. I’m not gonna cover this quite as elegantly as I did the dawnblade and the voidwalker, because it’s been a long day and this is just how I wanna do this one, but! Important points to follow.

Rifts are good. Rifts are really good, in fact. All warlocks have rifts, of course, but stormcallers have Rising Storm, a perk in the bottom tree that causes your rift to recharge faster near allies, and that’s neat. Stormcallers using that tree also get Arc Soul, whereby you and any allies that stand on your rift for even a second get a little orb buddy that hovers near your face and shoots the stuff you shoot, and it actually puts out decent damage. Suuuuper useful in the raid, and in fact, the optimal strategy for defeating Calus (the raid’s main and final boss) utilizes TWO stormcallers! It’s great. I’m the only one in my team, and it makes me feel special.

The Stormtrance super is as useful as ever for clearing adds, and as mentioned above with our titan brethren, Pulse Grenades are a bit ridiculous right meow. They’re really good, and you should always be running them. Except hunters, because they don’t get them. Sorry hunters, you suck.


And that’s it! The top stormcaller perk tree contains the perks you know and love from D1, including a teleport-while-in-super, longer super duration when cast with full melee/grenade energy, and both melee and grenade damage chaining. It’s not bad, but with the current state of Pulse Grenades, you should never have full grenade energy, rendering that perk useless anyway.

Stormcaller is definitely the best warlock subclass D2 has to offer, and although Voidwalker doesn’t lag terribly far behind, the Pulse Grenade/Arc Soul combo is just too much to give up for anything either of the other two have to offer, especially in a team setting.

As for us? I’m aiming to put out an article a week, and I know Jake’s aiming for more. We’re planning on getting the podcast going again, and I’m excited for that as well. I’ve missed it. At least it’s only been a month this time instead of 2 years. Any progress is good progress, right?

Anyway, happy to be back and looking forward to wetting my spoon once again, deep in…something.


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