Healthy Game Tip #1: Do Squats in Between Sets

Tough night facing off against Oryx?  Are you losing regularly in Rainbow Six Siege?  We have all been there, at the end of a four hour gaming marathon feeling tired and worn out.  Now there is a way for you keep playing and regain focus.  In other words, play better and play longer.  Do Squats.

If you have been sitting for more than hour straight you will start to lose focus exponentially.  Have you ever stood up after a long gaming session and felt wobbly legs?

That means you were sitting for too long.

Have you ever gotten up to take a bathroom break in the middle of a difficult raid boss?  Did you sit back down and feel energized?

Going to the bathroom did not make you feel better.  Although it may have relieved a little pressure.  Walking to the bathroom got your legs moving and your blood pumping.

When you are sitting for a long time, your blood tends to pool up in the larger muscles of your lower body.  Because gravity.

Follow the 30-10 rule.  Every 30 minutes, just stand up and do 10 body squats.  Take your time with them, but it shouldn’t take more than a minute.  Then with your blood recirculating through your body get back in the game.

Now you know.


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