Destiny 2 Tip #2: Do Heroic Public Events

Public Events are very fun in Destiny 2, and as a bonus they are very rewarding.  Every week the Flashpoint Milestone rewards luminous engrams just for doing public events on a specific planet.  However, doing public events by yourself is time consuming and less rewarding than doing them with others.

You can gain more engrams, glimmer, and rewards when you do public events with a group.  Sadly Destiny 2 only allows groups to patrol the planets as a three man squad.  But even a team of two can find a lot of success.  The most important way to increase public event rewards is to create Heroic Public Events.  You might have done with without knowing how it happened, (and received an achievement for it) but you can trigger the heroic version of every public event after reading this article.

Check out this great infographic by Reddit user tahtdudeereeg with some more information on the different events.

There are currently 8 different public events.  You will find which planet each event occurs on followed by a short description of how to activate the Heroic Version.

Glimmer Extraction
Earth, Nessus
Heroic: Destroy the 3 Glimmer Nodes

Disrupt Vex Construction
Nessus, Io
Heroic: Capture 3 Vex Plates

Ether Resupply
Earth, Nessus
Heroic: Kill Smaller Elite Servitors

Cabal Excavation
Earth, Nessus, Io
Heroic: Destroy the Cabal Thresher

Destroy the Arsenal Walker
Earth, Titan
Heroic: Deactivate 3 Forcefields

Injection Rig
Earth, Nessus
Heroic: Destroy Open Vents

Witches Ritual
Heroic: Destroy 2 Shielded Crystals

Taken Blight
Earth, Io
Heroic: Damage the Main Blight

publicevent 2

It is simple enough to activate the Heroic version of the public events.  However, once activated each of them drops a Major enemy for you to deal with.  I have had very little success dealing with these boss battles on my own, so I highly recommend patrolling the world of Destiny 2 with a friend or two.

Each Heroic Public event counts as 20% towards the Flashpoint Milestone.  And as an added bonus each Heroic version of the event has about a 6% chance of dropping an exotic engram!

Now you know how to do Heroic Public Events!



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