Destiny 2: Voidwalker Warrior Build

Spoon Deep is blowing up!

Sort of. We’ve just been posting a lot lately, and it’s good to be back. Destiny 2 is in its second month and still looking strong, arguably more so than its predecessor, and all of us here at spoon deep have been loving every second. The spoons have been deep in the new Leviathan raid, pushing prestige nightfalls, and flailing on weekends as we struggle through Trials of the Nine. Today, however, I’d like to detail a build I’ve been using. It’s definitely more of a solo just-for-fun build, but that doesn’t mean it’s not powerful. I call it: “I am the titan now”.

I am the titan now.

I am.

It’s still less of a punch and more of a hearty warlock space-smack, but everyone knows warlocks are the true kings of melee. Last time out, I detailed the voidwalker and one of my new favorite abilities/effects, Devour. As a reminder, Devour is your melee ability in the voidwalker’s Attunement of Hunger. Devour is also an effect applied to your character on kill with the Devour ability. The Devour ability causes you to fully regenerate health on kill and grants you the Devour effect for 10 seconds where additional kills (of any kind) restore additional health. The other important perk in this tree, Insatiable, causes kills while the Devour effect is active to reset its duration and recharge your grenade. Not the mention Feed the Void for a free Devour effect every time your grenade’s up. That’s a lot of easy Devour uptime given a lot of enemies. But this is only half the build!

The other half lies with the new warlock exotic gauntlets, Winter’s Guile.


While wearing these gauntlets, killing enemies with melee attacks increases your melee damage. This effect stacks up to 5 times and lasts for 5 seconds, reseting with each subsequent melee kill. I haven’t been able to test exactly how much damage this can put out or quite the extent of its killing capability, but it can at least take out a wizard in one hit at 5 stacks, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. The synergy between these gauntlets and Devour comes from them both excelling when surrounded by lots of enemies. This is an adds build, and it deals tons of damage, and you won’t die. It’s amazingly fun, and arguably the tankiest build of any class that’s existed in the game to date. Keeping Devour and 5 stacks of Winter’s Guile going can be tricky without lots of enemies nearby, but that’s part of the fun.

And that’s it! With each subclass only having two perk-tree options to choose from in Destiny 2, Bungie’s taken away much of our customization from the first game, so we’ve just gotta work with what we’ve got. This build definitely isn’t for raid/nightfall/general team play, but for when you’re oot n aboot by yourself doing public events or whatever activity it is you fancy, it’s great fun and feels good to play.

Space-smacking my way into your hearts, forever and ever,


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