Destiny 2 Tip #1: Don’t Use MIDA Multi-Tool

Do you want to be a better gamer?  Of course you do.  Being a better gamer is linked to being a better person (I think), and being a better gamer will make games more enjoyable all-around.  Spoon Deep is dedicated to helping you be the best gamer that you can be.  Following that vein of thought, we will be posting regular articles and tips that will improve your game.  Depending on the type of game, we will label them accordingly, some will be Destiny related, others will be general gaming related, and some might involve other games if I ever getting around to playing them.

Our first tip for Destiny 2 involves the most popular gun in the game.  If you want to get better at Destiny 2, don’t use MIDA Multi-Tool.  I have two reasons for this: first this gun isn’t all that different from other scout rifles, and second the gun forces you to play worse.  Kotaku even included the MIDA Multi-Tool in their list of the best guns in Destiny 2.

How many times have you been killed by the MIDA and said, “DAMN, that gun is OP.”  And then continue to use the gun and still get wrecked by the other team.  The gun is not over powered, it is just used a lot because it is easy to get.  However, there are many legendary scout rifles that are just as good as the MIDA Multi-Tool.

Try out the Seven-Six-Five, which can drop as a Nessus Vendor reward.  With very similar stats to the MIDA, you will barely notice a difference.  Also check out the Armor Piercing Rounds and Full Auto perks.

If that isn’t cutting it, check out the Manannan SR4, which can drop from our good friend the Gunsmith.  Steady Rounds and Explosive Payload make this gun pop and it also has almost identical stats to the Seven-Six-Five.


Finally, check out the Nameless Midnight from the Vanguard.  This has been my go-to weapon since day one.  With Explosive Payload and Steady Rounds, coupled with an increased impact, this gun hits like a truck.

All of these guns have a similar archetype to the MIDA Multi-Tool, so you will be able to perform just as well and save your exotic slot for something fun, like Coldheart.

Wait a minute you might say, the only reason I use MIDA is for the radar perk.  Having your radar in the corner of the screen helps protect against sneaky flanks.  This is when I argue that if you are relying on the radar you are not playing up to your potential.  MIDA teaches you to overly rely on the radar and constantly aim down the sights.

Destiny 2 is all about positioning and communication.  If you are in a good position, with some good cover and perhaps a titan barricade or warlock rift, you won’t get flanked.  If you are communicating with your teammates you can always know where the enemy is.  MIDA does not teach you to talk to your teammates.

Try using a legendary gun the next time you enter the Crucible or Trials of the Nine.  I often go into these modes without an exotic weapon because I like playing with some of the new stuff  Bungie has created for D2.  Anyway, we all know that MIDA is going to get nerfed soon.

2 thoughts on “Destiny 2 Tip #1: Don’t Use MIDA Multi-Tool

  1. Seven-Six-Five or die.

    I agree completely that it’s not the gun itself that makes MIDA so good, it’s the radar while ADS. I’ve been using it primarily for that reason, but you’ve convinced me to go back to my Origin Story/765 combo, which I slightly favor over MIDA/Uriel’s because reasons. I like being different.

    I’m not convinced MIDA needs a nerf. By your logic and mine, that means the other scout rifles you mentioned would warrant one as well, and no one wants that. I just think ADS radar needs to be readdressed in this new team-shot oriented competitive PvP we’re seeing in Destiny 2.

    1. I hope that MIDA does not see a nerf, I would rather see the radar come back a little bit quicker after ADS. I think that buffing other weapons is better than nerfing one, but we will see.

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