Xur returns in Destiny 2

The road map for Destiny 2 includes many new activities for the first month.  The most exciting new activity is the return of Xur.

Xur will return on Friday, September 15, 2017.  There are a lot of unknowns about Xur’s arrival.  Chief among them being, will we get an achievement for speaking with him?


Who are the nine?  What do they want?  How do I get tentacles on my face?

Besides being an inspiration for the best tasting cereal in the universe, Xur sells things.  (Xurios are magically delicious and also a little salty).

How much will he sell his wares for?

25 Legendary Shards

I have staked my claim that Xur will sell Exotic weapons for 25 Legendary Shards.

If we look at the history of Xur during the beginning of Destiny 1, we will find that he sold items at the following rates:

Exotic Armor – 13 Strange Coins
Exotic Weapons – 17 Strange Coins
Exotic Engrams – 23 Motes of Light


Bungie has streamlined the currency throughout Destiny 2.  We no longer have Crucible and Vanguard Marks, nor Strange Coins and Motes of Light.  There are no Exotic Shards to worry about either, or Glass Needles.  There are currently very few places to spend Legendary Shards outside of infusing weapons and armor, which leads me to believe they will be used to buy items from Xur and possibly other future vendors.

Remember that is was fairly easy to gather 13 or 17 Strange Coins during the first few months of Destiny.  In 2014, I did not reach endgame content until November at the earliest.  Yet I still had enough Strange Coins to decide not to buy Gjallarhorn during Week 2.

It is also worth noting that Exotics currently cost 10 Legendary Shards from the Collection tab of the Vault and drop at 210 Power Level.

Most streamers (who have played Destiny 2 more than Brian’s impressive (is it impressive?) 35 hours)  have around 400 Legendary Shards.  At the end of my Destiny career I had over 1000 Strange Coins.

Bungie wants players to experience Xur, so they will not set the price tag too high.  Xur is usually used as a catch up mechanic anyway.  Having a lot of Legendary Shards will not help you boost your Power Level.  Xur will probably sell exotics at 250 Power.

I could type numbers here all day, but after some careful science-ing, I have settled on 25 Legendary Shards as the magic number.

If Xur sells exotics at all….

If we find him….

Does he still have tentacles…..?

Let’s see if I’m right on Friday.

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