Destiny 2: Day 7? – Voidwalker Impressions

As of Sunday, I’d played the most Destiny 2 of any spoon thanks to my least busy weekend in a month. I’m sitting at 35 hours, and it still hasn’t been a week. I’m basically working two full-time jobs. Naturally, I needed a break and took yesterday off, not that I had much else to do before reset anyway. I’m sitting at 276 light and raid-ready. Last time out, I covered Dawnblade and my slight disappointment with it. Well, I’ve made a second opinion to go along with my first on Voidwalker.

Previously, I rated Dawnblade as fun and flashy but rather underpowered with a lackluster super and uninteresting neutral game. In the midst of all my Voidwalker play, I still made the occasional switch back to Dawnblade because…well, I wanted to! It’s just so fun. And activating my super at the right time during public events easily netted me 5-6 orbs and felt more effective than I’d been with it last week. Maybe it just took some getting used to? It’s still no boss-killer, but when using Attunement of Flame, it can do work on adds. And again, it’s just cool flying around above your enemies. On fire. Throwing swords. On fire. It’s neutral game still needs work, but I have discovered the power of the Solar Grenade. Along with the Voidwalker’s Vortex Grenade, these formerly lesser-used options in Destiny 1 have become, in my opinion, the best in Destiny 2. Paired with everyone’s favorite Sunsinger/Dawnblade exotic gauntlets, Sunbracers, these things are a force to be reckoned with, at least in PvE.

Now – Voidwalker. Easily my favorite subclass in Destiny and looking to continue its reign into Destiny 2, the Voidwalker received a few overhauls that do it wonders.


Before the new stuff however, the old. Voidwalker grenades have remained the same from Destiny 1, and that’s just fine by me. I mentioned Vortex Grenade above, which is my recommended choice in PvE, and we see the return of both Axion Bolt and Scatter Grenade, the former being my choice in PvP continuing to effectively force your opponents from behind cover. I’m hoping to also see the return of the Nothing Manacles exotic gauntlets to really supe up our Scatter Grenade.

Our jumps have also been carried over from the first game, except now, Voidwalkers are the only subclass in the game capable of using Blink. I’ve found it to be quite effective in PvP, and I think it’s balanced nicely as using it disables your radar for a key 1-2 seconds (accuracy for science), so you’ve got to be on top of your game.

I find both Voidwalker paths to be quite interesting and worth using, which is great! The top path, Attunement of Chaos, changes the way Nova Bomb works in a significant way and includes one of my favorite perks from Destiny 1, Bloom. Its melee ability, Entropic Pull, drains your enemies life force to recharge your grenade, and I’ve also noticed it enacts a slight pulling force on your target. The Chaos Accelerant perk allows you to hold L1/LB to draw power from your super to overcharge your grenade. I honestly haven’t used this much yet mostly because I forget I have it, but I’ll definitely be experimenting with exactly how much extra juice this gives my Vortex in PvE. I mentioned Bloom, causing void ability kills to explode enemies, and then we have Cataclysm. This perk causes your Nova Bomb to travel slowly and seek enemies. Upon exploding, it shatters into smaller seeker projectiles, like those of Axion Bolt, and seeks additional targets. You can also fire your weapon at the initial Nova Bomb to detonate it early. In PvE, I find this rather effective. It feels good, which is important to me with Nova Bomb, and it definitely deals a good chunk of damage in a pretty large area. You just have to make sure your initial bomb lands where you want it to, i.e. don’t hit a wandering add, but this is how Nova Bomb has always been.


Attunement of Hunger, to me, is the more interesting path. Let’s start with Devour. Devour is your melee ability. Kills with Devour fully regenerate your health, and for a short time afterward, additional kills restore additional health. The Devour melee ability grants the Devour effect, which lasts 10 seconds. Got it? The next perk, Feed the Void, functions similarly to Chaos Accelerant from Attunement of Chaos. Feed the Void allows you to hold L1/LB to consume your grenade energy to regenerate your health and grant the Devour effect. The Insatiable perk is where it gets really interesting. While the Devour effect is active, killing enemies extends its duration and recharges your grenade. So. You kill an enemy with your melee? Devour. Kill any enemy any which way in the next 10 seconds? Devour. Repeat ad nauseum. Ran out of Devour? No problem, consume your grenade energy. Devour. Go to step 1. No grenade energy? Nonsense, you probably have it from killing so many enemies with your ridiculous Devour uptime. It’s crazy. Confusing at first, but it becomes clear quickly when playing. The last perk in this path is Vortex, which is just your basic “Nova Bomb creates a continually-damaging singularity” perk from Destiny 1. Not too interesting, but that’s okay, because look at the other three!


I was going to cover my favorite build so far, but this is already long so I’ll save it for a shorter post on another day. The Voidwalker has definitely kept its place in my heart from the first game with its interesting perks and ways of play. It just feels so efficient. I love it. Devour lets you play like a space-wizard tank, which is all I’ve ever really wanted from a game.

Destiny 2 is proving to be worth every penny and has made significant strides from Destiny 1. Shaders are the issue everyone knows about, so I’m not going to cover it here. We like to keep things positive, and with Destiny 2, there’s enough to go around for everyone. GG Bungie. I can’t wait for the raid tomorrow and Trials on Friday, both of which, of course, will be covered extensively here at Spoon Deep. So stay tuned.



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