The Titan in Destiny 2

In Destiny, Titans punch things.  Destiny 2 brings this idea to a whole new level.  Now Titans punch more things, harder.  After a whole day and night playing with the class and two of it’s subclasses, here are my thoughts.


The Sentinel is much more active than the Defender or yesterday.  Code of the Protector is my favorite path for PVE content.  I really enjoy the perks that give you an overshield, and melee kills restore health for you and your allies.  Punch and heal, punch and heal.   Plus you can use a bubble with this path.

The super is great.  At first I just wanted the bubble! But the shield has a lot of utility.  I feel a little bit like a Bladedancer, but with the added bonus of throwing the shield at distant enemies.  And the shield bouncing between enemies works great.


The Striker Titan is much more of the same from Destiny 1.  The big difference is repeated Fists of Havoc.  This seems awesome at first and is definitely more useful than the Destiny 1 version, but leaves something to be desired.  I feel like slamming the ground next to an enemy is not as satisfying as directly slapping them with a shield or hammer.

Striker Titans can have two grenades with Code of the Earthshaker, but I prefer the Code of the Juggernaut.  It has a similar melee function to the Sentinel, kills grant health regeneration.


I haven’t played the Sunbreaker yet.  But this was easily my favorite class in the original game.  The Code of the Siegebreaker has a perk that restores health from solar ability kills.  If you haven’t noticed yet, I like being able to restore my own health.

It seems like Sunspots will have a bigger impact for the Hammer of Sol ability as well, but I will have more to report once I play and unlock everything for the subclass.

I haven’t decided how I feel about the class ability: Barricade.  The Rally Barricade is an early favorite because crouching behind it automatically reloads weapons.  This will be great way to increase damage in raids, as you can empty all your power ammo very quickly into the boss.  I guess I have decided on the ability, its awesome.  BONUS: paired with the Crest of Alpha Lupi will send out a healing pulse when Barricade is activated.

All three subclasses have the same mobility jumps as the first game, strafe lift is the go to for speed and Titan-skating.

Titan is a great class in Destiny 2.  But honestly I don’t think you can go wrong with a Titan, Warlock, or Hunter.  And even then all nine of the subclasses look very useful.  I think the class ability will be huge in the raids and strikes.  Barricades for the whole team, with a damage boosting Rift behind it.  Say hello to the new Weapons of Light buff.  And say hello to the new world of Destiny.

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