10 The One Without Enough Beer

Spoon Deep is back and finally breaking into the double digits!  Just don’t hold your breath for whenever we decide to break triple digits (you can bet there will be enough beer at that party)!  In what might be their best episode yet, Jake, Brian, Ian, and Chase finally hit the big time with their own personal segments.

Jake’s Jock Strap starts at 6:30 and the gang discuss eSports galore and a possible Spoon Deep vacation to good old Montreal!  Eh!

Ian’s Impressions starts at 18:03 and everyone talks about the Destiny 2 Beta and discusses some of the things he really enjoyed and a lot of the things everyone hated.

Brian’s Buy In starts at 31:28 and he attempts to convince you to buy an Xbox One X while phoning in from a remote wind farm.  He answers the question “is it worth it?”  And then offers to build all of us new PC’s!  Yay!

Chase’s Back Alley returns at 42:01 and he finally tells us what he is doing sitting in a hammock in the middle of a park!  Don’t go outside Chase you’ll burn your sensitive skin.

Join the Spoon Deep crew on another adventure through their gaming filled lives and hope that they drink enough beer to keep themselves hydrated.  There’s water in beer right?

The Spoon Deep Gaming Show is the only podcast that combines this unique blend of humor with the hilariously bad gameplay of Heroes of the Storm and other competitive games (please be free we can’t afford any more games!)  But seriously why are we so bad at Heroes?

As always thanks for listening ❤

Music in this episode featured by

Robert Mendoza’s Violin Cover of Rockabye

ESPN’s Jock Jams Remix

Chinese Umbrella Ragtime by The Piano Lady

For the Love of Money by The O’Jays

The Twilight Zone Theme

FamilyJules Mega Man X Cover

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