09 The One with Chase’s Back Alley

This week promises to be another great adventure throughout the world of video games, as Jake, Ian, Brian, and Chase explore all the latest news and happenings.  On this show, the foursome explore EVO with surprisingly little love for the fighting game genre, Haduken that.  Next they talk about a Russian warrior infested with an alien virus, no not Vladmir Putin!  (It’s Stukov).  Finally the boys discuss a possible new rating system, hint it involves spoons.  And wrapping up the show they discuss future possible segments led by each of the four members strengths.  It appears Chase is a man of many mysterious talents and dark crevices.  Listen in to find out where this episode’s ramblings take the Spoon Deep crew and be sure to tune in to the last few minutes for an extra special 5th segment, coming soon!

Music in this podcast has been used Copyright Free from SoundCloud and Audio Library.  Thank you to the following artists for their hard work and our enjoyment.

“Funk City” – Reatch

“Rock Angel” – Joakim Ward

“Colors” – Tobu

“Up in My Jam (All of a Sudden)” – Kubbi

As well as a special appearance by the King of Pop “Beat It” – Michael Jackson

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