Welcome Back to Spoon Deep

Welcome back to Spoon Deep.  We hope you haven’t missed us over the last couple years, but rest assured that we have all been playing video games. Spoon Deep is back in a big way in 2017, with new recording tools our podcast sounds better than ever.  Please don’t go back and compare our sound quality between episode 7 and episode 6.   While I believe the content is liquid gold, I understand it might be tough on your ears.  And I like your ears.

But let’s look at a bigger picture question:  What is Spoon Deep?  Let me be the first to congratulate you on such a good question.  We don’t yet have the answer to that question.  Ever since our last podcast (2 years ago) and our last post (1 year ago) I’ve missed writing about games.  I think I speak for everyone here in that it’s just fun to create content about games.  We might not set the world on fire (yet) but if you enjoy some of our stuff, let us know!  Use the new Contact Us button at the top of the page.  We would love to hear from you and would be happy to hear suggestions about what to talk about on the podcast or write on the blog.

So far we have released one podcast in 2017.  We hope to release more!  On perhaps a weekly basis!  We have a new website layout and a new url: spoondeep.com.   Look at all of this as a clean slate. We are free to explore a myriad of different possibilities and directions.  But it all starts with the podcast.

It’s really just four guys getting together each week to talk about games.  And we have fun.  We talk about video games all the time, so we might as well record some of those talks.  I know you might be asking “Why should I listen to this podcast instead of some of my other favorite podcasts?”  That is also a great question, and we don’t want you to stop listening to your favorite podcasts.  But our show is something different.  We are not trying to review, preview, or rate video games.  There are already too many sites that do that.  We just want to chill out and enjoy the games that we already have and get excited about games that are coming out.

But video gaming has become so much more than just playing games.  There are events, tournaments, professional teams, streams, living room gatherings, and Switch meetups.  I want to talk about that.  I want to travel to these events and report back to the listener about the awesome games I saw and people I met.  Maybe Spoon Deep will become a professional team that competes at the Heroes of the Storm World Championship (unlikely since yours truly is currently Bronze 5 in Team League) or maybe we will be speedrunning the next Indie hit at AGDQ.  Maybe we will just talk about these great events on the podcast.  If that piques your interest then you have come to the right place.

Look forward to a post detailing the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale tomorrow with some recommendations on what you could buy.  In the meantime go back and listen to the podcast we recorded on Tuesday, it is even on iTunes.  It should be nice on your ears.  Because I like you and I like your ears.

Thanks as always for checking out Spoon Deep and welcome back.

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