Destiny: The Taken King – How to Trials of Osiris Guide

Good news Guardian, the Trials of Osiris tournament is no longer available in Destiny: The Taken King.  However, it will be back in just a few short days.  Trials of Osiris is very divisive, in fact odds are that it is favored at a ratio of 50/50.  Half of all matches are won!  The other half of all matches are lost.  Trials of Osiris is a difficult beast.  If you hope to make it to the Lighthouse with a flawless 9-0 record.  Whether you are a Titan, Hunter, or Warlock follow the steps below.1. Keep Deaths to a Minimum

It seems simple, especially in an elimination game type, but death should be avoided at all costs.  You staying alive is much more important than anything else.  This motivation will drive most of the other key points.

How to Stay Alive

  • Don’t over extend
  • Don’t peak out when you don’t need to
  • Don’t engage 1v3
  • Have good positioning
  • Be patient

2. Revive Teammates Well

  • Don’t Revive a Teammate if they aren’t safe (this gives the enemy more super)
  • If you die, try to be in a position that allows for a safe revive

3. Communicate

  • Learn teammates tendencies
  • Cover for weaknesses
  • Call out enemy positions
  • Premade teams work well because they have a common lingo for the maps
  • Develop call outs for locations to convey information quickly

4.  Don’t Make the Same Mistake Twice

  • If you run out and get sniped, don’t go there again
  • If you keep doing the same things, the enemy will keep killing you
  • If you are getting out sniped by someone, try a new strategy.  Flank him, rush shotguns, get a new angle on him.
  • You have multiple options on each map, mix it up.

5.  Learn the Meta

6.  Learn Classes

  • Understand which tools enemies will bring to the battle
  • Learn how each grenade, super, and melee works
  • Examples to learn: which melees give shields?  How long does each super last? How many grenades can subclasses carry?  Can they go invisible and how?
  • Learn the exotics that each class will use.
    • Faster Super
    • Quick Revives
    • Extra Perks

7.  Learn Counter Strategy

  • If you are getting sniped:
    • Find new Angles
    • Don’t Peak with Primary
    • Flank
    • Avoid long lane lines
  • If you are getting shotgunned
    • Keep your distance
    • Stay away from corners
    • Use grenades
  • Use Super at the right time
    • Coordinate Super use with your teammates

8. Remain Calm

  • Trials will put you in stressful situations
  • Understand that you and your teammates will have to make split second decisions
  • Sometimes you will make the wrong decision
  • Adapt and move on to the next fight

Have fun out there Guardians, I wish you the best of luck when Trials returns.

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