Destiny: The Taken King – Hard Mode Oryx Strategy King’s Fall

The new Hard Mode encounter with Oryx in the King’s Fall raid can be very frustrating.  Thankfully, the Destiny: The Taken King community is constantly coming up with new strategies that make the encounter a little more manageable.  There was a big show of support for the No Knight strategy but follow these simple tips and Oryx will go down quickly and easily.

This strategy requires at least one Defender Titan with Touch of Malice, and at least one other player also with Touch of Malice.  However, the more Touch of Malice guns you have the better.


The Defender Titan and another player with the highest light will be assigned as floaters.  There primary location will be in the middle of the map between the two Daughters’ platforms.

Assign one person to be the runner, he or she will be jumping between platforms in order to collect the Orbs and smash the Vessel of Oryx to steal the brand.

The final three members of the team will be assigned a number 1, 2, or 3.  Each number represents the order in which the platforms need to be activated.  Ex. 1 goes where Oryx smashes, 2 goes counter-clockwise from that, 3 goes diagonally from where Oryx is.  Assign your lowest Light Level guardian to platform 2, as there will always be someone across from him or her.


Start the fight and kill the adds.  Hunter’s should be using Shadowshot on the Thralls in order to generate orbs.

Everyone goes to their position relative to Oryx.  After Oryx slams, the relic runner jumps up on the platforms and starts collecting orbs.  At the same time the Titan uses the Defender Bubble in the middle.

Once the Orgres start spawning the person on the platform and the two floaters in the middle will start shooting/grenade/rocket/snipe/etc.  The Ogre should go down fast with 3 people shooting at it, with two of them having the Touch of Malice and an Over shield from the Bubble.

The floaters will then rotate to Ogre number two, Ogre number three, and Ogre number four.

The person assigned to each platform will take out the Knights that spawn after killing Ogres.  Scout rifles and Sniper rifles take them down quickly. (Front left kill front right, back right kills back left, ect.)

NOTE: One of the Floaters needs to be assigned number 4, his job is to take down the final Knight that spawns and active the fourth bomb.

About this time, the Relic Runner should be finished with the jumping puzzle and grabbing the Aura of Immortality from the Vessel of Oryx.  As soon as the Relic Runner has the final orb, everyone needs to get off their platforms and run to the bubble in the center.

This is where communication is key, let the team know if you could not kill the Light-Eater Knight or need help on your platform.

The relic runner brings the Aura to the middle, as the Titan bubble disappears.  Everyone quickly downs the Vessel of Oryx.

After Oryx slams his fist for the second time, everyone shoots his chest.

When Oryx staggers everyone shoots adds.  DO NOT run straight out of the Aura.

After the adds are dead, have someone call out to run to your bombs.  Everyone goes to their number quickly and then returns to the Aura after it is activated.

While guardians are running to their bombs, someone needs to be assigned to continue shooting Oryx’s chest, this keeps it open and allows damage to be down.

After detonations, do your favorite running in circles method.  Each person runs around their assigned platform, with the Floaters/Runner run around the Daughters platform.

Once Oryx slams a new platform, everyone readjusts 1-3 and the Titan pops another bubble in the middle.  Repeat.

After Oryx is lowered to 50% health you will enter the Shade phase.  Kill Knights and Thralls in the front until you are teleported in and shoot the Shade.

The King is Dead

You did it!  Enjoy that sweet emblem, and those drops (if you got any).

More Titans will help here, as a second Titan could put a Weapons of Light bubble in the center, so that you have a shield and bonus damage.  Warlocks can rez, but because you are killing all the adds in the center, you should not have very many deaths.  Hunters can generate orbs at the beginning, to make sure the Titans have a bubble and can help do more damage to the Shade.  A Titan should also put a Blessing of Light in the Shade fight for the extra shield.

Good Luck out there Guardians and prepare for Challenge Modes – coming soon.

Check out the strategies for The Warpriest, Golgoroth, and Daughters of Oryx.


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