Destiny: The Taken King Hard Mode King’s Fall Warpriest Changes

The Warpriest fight is one of the most difficult encounters in Destiny: The Taken King’s new Hard Mode raid, King’s Fall.  The Warpriest fight mechanics are not that different from normal mode, but you are gonna need some new tips and strategies to consistently find success.  I’ve already detailed the major changes to the raid in an article earlier this week.  Now check out tips and strategies for the Warpriest.

The fight starts with the same activation sequence as Normal mode, one guardian needs to stand on each of the three platforms.  My team calls each platform, Left, Middle, and Right – each corresponding to their position when you are looking at the Warpriest.  Left is the one high above the rest of them, for reference.

One of the biggest challenges I found during this raid, was avoiding the Warpriest’s attacks.  Standing in the middle is the most dangerous as the boss has a clear shot at you when clearing adds.  There are a few rock formations that provide excellent cover, just be sure that you have a clear shot at Thralls and the Hallowed Knights when they spawn.

Alternatively, the two players in the middle area can go all the way to the front of the room and stand just under the lip of the Warpriest’s platform.  He will not be able to shoot them when they are there.

Continue playing like Normal Mode, clear adds and then kill the Hallowed Knights.  Someone should be looking at the back of the Obelisk to see which order they need to be activated in.  There is a light on the back of the Obelisk that determines the order.

The biggest change are the new abilities the Warpriest gains after each phase of the fight.  These abilities correspond to the Obelisk that the Guardians hide behind after doing damage.  This means that it actually matters which obelisk you decide to hide behind.

Left Obelisk – grants the Warpriest the Taken Centurion orb attack

Middle Obelisk – grants the Warpriest the Taken Hobgoblin homing blast

Right Obelisk – grants the Warpriest the Taken Captains blinding bubble attack

My group had the most success going the the Right platform first.  The gave the Warpriest the Take Captain attack, but it is easy to dodge.  Then we went to the Middle platform and finished him off before the next phase.  The Taken Hobgoblin attack is the most damaging because it shoots so fast and does a crazy amount of damage.

In order to two cycle this boss, it is important for Titans to be running Weapons of Light.  The bubble serves as a buff and a protective area in case someone needs to hide and recover quickly.  Hunters should be coordinating their Tethers to keep the debuff active.  Make sure you have black hole, so it lasts longer.  Warlocks have little utility so make sure you coordinate with your fire team how many Warlocks you will be running.

After all that work, collect your loot.   However, if you are like me, you might not even get a drop from killing a boss.  Or it might be 311.  Good luck Guardians.

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